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How To Start Purpose Driven Digital Marketing ?

How To Start Purpose Driven Digital Marketing ?

Lets first understand what is sustainability in digital marketing.

Sustainability can mean one of two things:

1) Ensuring that your marketing efforts don't cause harm to people or the planet and, where it does, taking steps to reduce or equalize that harm. This could include:

  • Offsetting your carbon emissions (although please, please, please, don't buy carbon credits — these aren’t a true representation of carbon offsetting),
  • Reducing the amount of energy your product and employees use, and/or
  • Making efforts to update any products or services so that they are more environmentally friendly.

2) It can also mean future-proofing your brand so that it continues to thrive.

Whichever definition you like best, the two are not mutually exclusive now that 64% of consumer consider themselves to be purpose driven, choosing to invest in brands that they know make charitable contributions or have a strong CSR system in place. Breaking this down further, 60% of Millennials, 53% of GenZers and 51% of GenXers "buy on belief". When it comes to sustainability in purpose-driven marketing, it can mean a myriad of things such as:

Reducing the carbon emissions created by our websites and the equipment used by digital marketing departments,

Ensuring that everybody has access to our websites whether they have disabilities or are data-poor,

Incorporating our sustainability efforts into our online campaigns.

According to sustainable marketing drive profits with a purpose, as consumers are looking for environmental  information from brands and as best digital marketing companies in India , we must serve this purpose.


What does consumer look from brands?

Consumers look for information on sustainability issues using google- 35% Online Search, 29% Non-Digital and 31% Social Media. Consumers look for environmental information from google- 41% Social Media Platform, 34% Brand   and Product websites.

So now the question is what is Corporate Social Responsibility in Digital Marketing?

Corporate Social Responsibility alludes to a brand's work to emphatically affect individuals and the planet. I'll go into this in somewhat more detail in the concise history illustration segment, yet basically, CSR rotates around organizations understanding that they have liabilities towards society. The job of a computerized advertiser here is to exhort, plan and execute correspondence procedures that let the brand's dedicated and potential clients know how they are satisfying that commitment. As best digital marketing service providers in India ,  we need to understand these meticulous details.

What is Social Marketing?

Not to be confused with best social media marketing in India or around every corner, which you probably know like the back of your hand. Social Marketing  "...has the primary goal of achieving 'common good'. Traditional commercial marketing aims are primarily financial, though they can have positive social effects as well."

It's a term closely related to purpose-driven marketing.

What is Green Washing and Why is it an issue now a days?

I can't actually discuss corporate social obligation and reason driven promoting without advance notice about green washing, which is basically involving your advertising powers for evil. Rather than investing the energy to safeguard individuals and the planet as well as hitting monetary KPIs, a few brands are either imagining or making by and large unverified cases, giving off an impression of being an inspiration driven organization with great individuals and ecological qualities, however when you scratch at the surface (and more often than not you don't need to scratch that far) you'll observe that they aren't exactly irritated and aren't doing a lot.

Unfortunately, this has brought about lovely negative customers, so regardless of whether you have very sure reason driven marking and an extraordinary reason driven culture, you must be thus, so cautious by they way you impart to guarantee that you don't get blamed for green washing.

What is the triple Bottom  Line?

The term “triple bottom line” in the best served digital marketing service providers in India was coined 27 years ago, where they not only measure their financial status but also track how their actions are impacting people. This is what a purpose driven digital marketing is all about and a corporate social responsibility strategy is the way to get there.

The rise of Purpose Driven Marketing

Like I said before, the official Triple Bottom Line approach has been around for just about thirty years and there is heaps of information accessible appearance that customers believe brands should be more deliberate with how they work, guaranteeing that everyone and everything benefits from their activities.

86% of recent college grads feel that organizations ought to be estimated with regards to something other than monetary execution, as per The Rise of the Social Enterprise. Since this age at present makes up portion of the worldwide labor force, as well as being customers, it's something for each brand to consider.

Millennial feel companies should be measured by more than just financial performance.

Tips to get started with Corporate Social Responsibility and Purpose Driven Digital Marketing

First, you need to consider how you could approach putting together your own CSR strategy to become a more purpose-driven brand. If you work agency side, you can use this approach when helping your clients come up with their purpose-driven marketing campaigns. webOdoctor , best digital marketing company in Bhopal works out on all these niches and helps customers evaluate the purpose of digital marketing and coin with their audience more through a better form on action . We advise you to follow these steps:

  1. Involve the entire company
  2. Slow and steady yet smart way to work gets you on the top
  3. Tell the truth but see it touches your audience
  4. Choose your platform and ideas in an innovative way
  5. Competitive

The last point “Competitive research”   is not to steal ideas but be inspired to do better things. What societal issues are they trying to tackle? Are they focusing on climate change, for example?

It's a good sounding board but, remember: just because your competitors are doing something, that doesn't mean that you should be doing the exact same thing. It all comes back to defining your company's values. 


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