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Top 5 Essential Things To Pick Up While Developing Real Money Game App

Top 5 Essential Things To Pick Up While Developing Real Money Game App

It is really a surprise that the time in the entertainment industry is now ruled by the gaming world. The highest revenue is generated by the gaming industry which is much higher than the showbiz industry put together. 

What is the Real Money Gaming App?

An app that is played through online media in which real money fetched on the outcome of the game. Users can buy chips to play during the game using real money. If they win they get more chips, if they lose the chips are deducted from their account. Finally, the user can redeem them for real money using the chips or games. 

It is similar to the casino where you have to buy chips with real money to play games and finally you can earn more chips. You can later exchange those chips with real money. But it is not that real money games are restricted to just casinos or card games. 


Earn Real Money

Real money game comes as an end to this thing as now you can earn real money by playing games. You can do your favorite timepass activity. i.e. Gaming, and you can literally earn by doing so. You don’t have to be a professional gamer to do so, you just have to find the game that you think you are skillful in and you earn money by winning. 


You have a pocket casino and you can play and earn from wherever and whenever you want to. And real money games are not just about casino games, you can play various multiplayer games and now you can earn real money instead of just earning rank and earning medals in the games. The award in traditional games for winning is level up awards, some skins, etc. But, here the reward is real money. Something that really matters to us.

Mobile-Friendly games

The modern solution to bigger games is that they can release a lite version of the game or they can have an option in the settings that can lower the graphics and frame rate.

These features are the reason behind the increasing popularity of real money games. Moreover, real money games are preferred by developers or companies because of the money system. The company does not need ads to earn money by the game. You will earn as more and more people will play your game. There is a fixed commission that you will get when someone buys some chips and thus the monetary system of real money games attract developers and companies.



When you optimize the codes app works better. Any app is gets chopped while playing is of no use. So focus on app optimization.  User Interface, on increasing app stability, profiling tools, try and test, and check the mobile app efficiency are the few steps you can consider when you optimize the app.


You will have to choose the one that is well known and trusted by you. The same goes for users who will use the payment gateway selected by you. Money is a sensitive topic and if the user is even 1% unsure, they will not go forward with the payment. Therefore you should choose the best payment gateway with maximum payment modes. Having most of the payment modes will make it easy for the user to use whichever payment mode they find suitable and safe.


You can handle a number of users at a time. This is the most important thing that we can consider and will prevent your website from crashing. If this happens then not only you will lose money, you will also lose users as they will be disappointed by your app. App crashing is the worst thing that can happen when using an app.


It will set up an off-base impression if your coin-money framework is smooth and direct, and with regards to money withdrawals, the procedure is as hard as running a 10 miles long-distance race. The primary motivation behind why the clients have downloaded your application and are messing around and going through hours utilizing your application is that they need to win cash, and along these lines, the installment/exchange procedure ought to be basic and ought not to be multiple means. The clients will try sincerely while messing around, however, they will not feel the equivalent while they attempt to have their hands on their well-deserved cash. The game experience that the clients need is that they ought to have the option to play their preferred games, they ought to have the option to utilize their abilities to acquire cash, and afterward, they ought to have the option to pull back their cash without any problem.


One the game is live secure your users' data, keep a daily backup for the user data, and keep a manual back up using online disk storage having an account of all the chip and user data. Thus proper backup retention to be done anyhow to always keep your business smooth running. 

weOdoctor the best mobile app development company in India, offers the best real money game app development rising beyond the horizon at the best affordable cost for the sports lover in the industry. 

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