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Get affordable SEO services, website design, SEO packages in India to enhance your business online. We offer all solutions for ranking issues and deficiencies at the most competitive price.

Search Engine Optimization fetches more visibility & gets your frame in Google’s Page No 1, increase traffic, convert leads with our end-to-end solutions.

Do you want to rise high up in the search engine ranking? Target your audience through our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. To optimize your online presence and reach your target customer SEO helps you trail through the higher rankings in search results.

We are in that stage of the world where everything when searched is found at your fingertip. Just go for it in one click. Although there are many search engines today, still Google dominates the market.

webOdoctor offers SEO services with a competent strategic approach to ensure your website gets visibility in Google Search rankings and predominantly among the search engine of your domain. For location based our SEO Company in India can provide you the best possible solutions in local SEO services.

Being a company of digital age, you need a much updated website to fetch you immense business and create a proper channel to reach your target audience. When people look for you online with key phrases relevant to your business, your website needs to be appearing right away.

It is proved through a lot of research that chances that your website did not appear on the first page because you didn’t work on anything about it.

With webOdoctor’s best SEO Services in India, we can help you generate traffic for your website, magnetize online users to use your services. We do it with a minute level of research to optimize your content and make it easily available in the search engine.

As the foremost SEO Company in India, we have built in our footprints to make the use of latest techniques whichever is explicitly useful to get our clients rank high. As per guidelines given by SEO, we follow a process and data driven approach and make your website relevant with those keywords . With relentless efforts webOdoctor can rank your website as the top in your domain.

We make website crawl and accessible by Google bots & various search engines. Our services include : Conversion Optimization, Website Usability, Optimized Content for target keywords, On PageOptimization, Link Building and Content Marketing, Link & Content Optimization, Off Page Optimization/Local Search Optimization, Content Marketing, SEO Audit Services, E-Commerce SEO Services, Technical SEO Services, Google Penalty Recovery, SEO Reseller & SEO Consultation

As top SEO Company in India, we integrate a high end analysis to increase your organic reach. With specialized tools and skills, we ensure that the search engine drags your website to rank high in the results. Our in-house expert SEO SERVICE study has gained a complete trust of our clients in India and worldwide with a technical approach.


We target unique and relevant keywords for your business to compete with other keywords.


With our Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) service, our SEO take up to convert it to organic visitors.


As per search engine guidelines we follow ethical SEO tactics to drive organic traffic.


Our technical approach and tactful analysis in SEO helps you have a consistent rank in your search results.


With SEO friendly web pages we incorporate a perfect user experience by our in-house web experts.

Undoubtedly, your online presence with attract the target audience in India to your business and make your website easily available to your existing customer. If you are a start-up, you certainly need to be building up an online presence. More your name is seen better is your chance to climb the ladder of competitive business.

At webOdoctor, we have core knowledge on how SEO SERVICE can strategically help you grow your business. We have a customized service as per start-up and established companies.


You are often seen in search engine and get recognized in your business name.


We incorporate optimization techniques to get you rank high in the search result.


Your customers are converted through your potential clients to buy your product.


Your company is taken forward with more sales that direct more revenue.


Without using paid advertisement we fetch traffic to your website.


Brand awareness and more visibility are now in your grip with our SEO Services.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) SERVICE has two types of implementation techniques: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO. We take up an ethical use of On Page and Off Page SEO.

Our process and data driven approach makes us the best SEO Agency in India


We monitor the health of SEO as leading company in India to maintain a consistent ranking.


We measure and use the best tools to prepare the keyword planning and analysis in your business.


To achieve goals as per SEO service plan we provide detailed report.


We increase SEO for your website and ensure to get you ranked in mobile search results.


A thorough check to avoid plagiarism and create a unique content.

Increase quality of link to improve your business.

Visibility of your website through new link building.

To provide fresh content for your website, we follow timelines.

The bad links related to your website is discarded with our relentless effort.

Our experts at webOdoctor follow updated SEO guidelines of Google. As leading SEO Service Company in India we follow practices that stand ethical on Google’s perspective and make it easy to identify, index & crawl your website and get rank.

A proper design guideline where we follow Google’s guideline with regards to page titles, meta tags, descriptions, URL structure, navigation etc. Considering the technical parameter our experts work on reducing the loading time, use robot.text and take care of the “nofollow” links to ensure that your website is friendly with search engines.

The major factor being the White Hat Techniques are taken care by our experts by optimizing the anchor text, promoting website and using less competitive keywords.


With technical SEO audits we identify technical issues that hinder your website to achieve the highest ranks.


Duplicate issues, Crawl issues, broken links, XML site map issues, Dynamic URLs and W3C errors are identified by us through usage of latest techniques.

We quickly look into duplication with solutions like crawl directories, use of robot. Text and canonical tags. We look into factors that block search engine crawlers: server issues, site errors, erroneous meta tags etc. We fix up broken links immediately that can create a hazard to your website. We scan and fix up your site maps for compression errors, HTML errors, incorrect namespace to resolve XML site issues.

With static URLs we tend to receive higher click rate and conversions to your website.The W3C errors are fixed and cleaned by identifying errors like Forgetting doctype, failing to close an element and uncoded characters in URLs.

Search Engine Optimization is essential to achieve tremendous growth in next few years. To thrive in this digital competitive world, it is important to grow your business but above all create a presence of your business to reach your target audience. We strongly believe that this goal is achievable with a strategic growth in SEO plans, for which our experts are always available.

To improve your rankings, On Page SEO optimization is highly effective. With web page codes like : titles, meta tags, descriptions, sitemaps , internal linking and more we make proper use of such tactics. Our On Page SEO uses more unique keyword as compared to that of competitive keywords to improve your visibility through organic search. Keyword stuffing and unethical practices which leads to blacklisting of websites are highly avoided by us. With authenticate content and smart usage of keywords we maintain the standards and sanity of your website.

We improve your page title with effective use of relevant keywords, specific keywords for Meta description, add more keywords to meta tags, enhance your site architecture, additional keywords to your website body tags with prescribed keyword density.

Outside your website, we follow off page SEO to get the ranks in search engine. Through blogs, articles, social networking, online communities we proceed in this way with Off Page SEO.


SEO Formula is the only thing to redirect you to the desired audience. At webOdoctor we differentiate in our strategy, which has always been the major pillar for us in creating fame as best SEO COMPANY IN INDIA. We have an extensive experience in defining data driven SEO strategy improving the website visibility of our client’s in organic search.


Is your website lagging behind your competitor? We are there to guide to adopt the correct and effective SEO strategy by fixing the technical issues from its full rank target, duplicate content, wrong URL scheme, hidden text, slow loading time etc. We analyze your competitor and clean up your website to get into the top search engine ranking.


Keyword is the crucial weapon in the battle of competition in digital market. webOdoctor brings you to your right audience with its keyword strategy for which we are the ranked as the leading SEO COMPANY IN INDIA. We consider estimated search volumes and competitiveness of most relevant keywords and use the effective strategy to estimate revenue and traffic which is best chasing for your business.


Our experts spend hourly optimization which includes Meta tags, page contents, navigation, and header, footer developing a careful planning of keyword density, placement and prominence to increase your website’s visibility.


High quality and informative content are our key skills where our SEO Consultants and Content Writers work together to bring value to your website. Useful articles, press releases, blogs & white paper are the areas where we develop and generate more back links to your website.


Off page SEO and link building the quality of inbound link that would help to improve your domain authority. We use extensive link audit and remove low quality link found.


With our local SEO SERVICES to improve your rankings for geo-targeted keywords. We work on building citations, testimonials and optimize Google listing’s getting your website to rank in local SERP’s.


SEO and Social media are proportional to each other. Social signals are used as indicators in search engines increasing your presence in Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media platforms are a part of SEO.


webOdoctor has extensive experience in domain of ecommerce platform where we access the opportunities and weakness on the business with ideal SEO strategies to help you gain visibility in search engines.


Reach your local customer

webOdoctor utilizes proven strategies to regularly update your business and geographic information so that you are identified in local SERP. We are the top SEO COMPANY IN INDIA with local marketing expertise and updated technologies where we help you to reach your target audience.

The launch of proximity search engine technology from Google has changes the complete SEO game. With Local SEO your website could make it to the top and drive maximum attention, without which you are invisible. Walk your way to webOdoctor and boost your local search rankings.

webOdoctor the foremost SEO COMPANY IN INDIA, plan the local SEO strategy and also take care of content, profiles and keywords, monitor progress and update your listings.

For more information on Local SEO Service, Contact us today.


What is an SEO Audit?

A minute study of the major or minor issues that is dampening your website. webOdoctor takes up three major categories: technical SEO, Links and On Page elements.webOdoctor, executes SEO audits in all sizes. With short consultation we understand your business, target audience and online marketing goals. Our experts review your website and provide in-depth insights with actionable solutions providing a comprehensive SEO report that not only discards issues but reflects opportunities for rankings, lead generations and traffic enhancement.

As the leading SEO COMPANY IN INDIA, we do not just use spread sheets in our audit reports but provide a complete SEO road map for strategic optimization plan. You will get a dedicated consultation through our audit implementation and get the proper identification of technical problems.

So are you set for the SEO audit? Contact us today

Are you still trying to recover from Panda and Penguin? Are you finding a sudden drop in the organic traffic, then a manual penalty or over optimization filter must have hit your website? Walk into webOdoctor and get the best recovery strategy.

We will get your website back on track by implementing the right clean up strategy and trigger your website to its former ranking position driving back the organic traffic. We diagnose and determine the type and severity of your penalty, and identify whether it is manual or algorithmic.

We will search for duplicate content and design a Google Panda recovery plan which will replace the contents with high quality articles with an extension of thin pages, edit texting and fix keyword stuffing issues.

For Google Penguin penalty recovery we look in pattern like; over optimized keyword anchor text, link exchange, spam link, paid links etc. We analyze review and protect your website from overhaul determining the toxicity by accessing the quality of domain and its link.

With a post recovery analysis, we as experts in SEO Services do ensure that you do not become a victim of algorithmic hits.

So what are you waiting for? Trail to your original position with the right combination of strategies. Contact us today for further information on Google Penalty Recovery.

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