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How Mobile App Development Works For Small Businesses?

How Mobile App Development Works For Small Businesses?

In last 5 years mobile app development in India have evolved from being just the mode of communication into an effective business revenue generation tool. With the progress in technology, people are getting more addicted to smart phones and this is where business can capture their target audiences According to a survey by media marketing and analytics, the average Indian spends an average of 5 hours daily on his/her smart phones. When this estimate is calculated for a month, it goes upto more than a total time they spend on a fulltime job.

Here comes the importance of mobile app development for businesses small or big. Such mobile app development products make it easier for customers to find their required product from businesses and also at the same time stay connected with market trends and their favourite brand. For small and big businesses mobile app development has become a necessity and one cannot afford to ignore its benefits. Below are some of the ways mobile app development by app developers is beneficial for businesses.

  1. Strengthen Customer Engagement

The most important benefits that one can count on best mobile app development in India.  With your mobile app, you can install and send push and in-app notifications to as many customers as possible. If your notifications carry important and relevant information, then customers will get attached and become loyal to your brand and will opt for your offerings whenever they are in need of it.

  1. Increase Accessibility

Mobile App Development services in India bring products that improve business accessibility. It allows businesses to be able to send notification about what's new or what has changed in their services or their products. It equally allows businesses to be able to build a strong relationship with customers which would allow the development of a genuine customer base and strong loyalty. This way businesses establish strong relationships by offering special discounts for old customers all within the mobile app.

  1. Provide Value for Customer

Mobile app development services are composed in such a way that they help you digitize the loyalty programs that you have thought for your customers. With such apps customers can receive reward points.

  1. Transforming Retail Experience

There is huge transformation in retail experience helping retailers to remain ahead of customer expectations. Mobile app help to drive a digital process and model which would invariably cut down on store cost and increase profitability. There are several businesses that are built and based mainly on mobile apps. This helps to reduce the overhead cost associated with the typical brick and mortar establishment. 

  1. Build Brand Awareness

Mobile App is an effective tool for building brand awareness and recognition. It is important as a business to acclimatize your customers with your product and/or services. The more you get your customers involved with your product/services via your mobile app, the more likely or inclined they will be to patronize it. This is called effective frequency in advertising. As a rule of thumb hearing and/or seeing your brand at least 20 times is what will get your noticed.


How to Know whether you need an App?


The question is whether or not your company can benefit from your own mobile app development plan , but under what circumstances is it practical to develop and maintain and app. Here are some factors that can help to decide whether you want to app or not app.


What is your goal?


When you are planning to go for an app, consider why you need it, what would you do with that app and what precise functions will be in that app. A dedicated mobile app can assist current and future customers in many ways. It can introduce newcomers to your business and better serve existing customers in promoting new products and services, special offers,  and other perks for in-store or remote commerce. 


Who are your customers?


Identify your customer base and likelihood for using that app. Segregate the categories of audiences- Young, Adult , Seniors and their mindset before you go for any customer based app.

As a company if you want to launch your own organization app through which you can track your team, inventory , finances and etc that’s completely a different thought process.


How mobile oriented is your customer?

Younger audiences use apps daily and understand how they function. They consume significant amounts of information during their mobile use. So mobile app development service providers in India can also help you relate to such bifurcation of data. For retail segment 25 years- 45years  old are perfect audience if you are looking to have a buy and sell platform.


Here are few lists of best mobile apps that small businesses can use in their daily operation

If you have just started your business and want to improve the streamline of your operations luckily in this digital age there are many tools that can help business owners manage their work.

Are you looking to automate some of your core business processes—and save yourself time and money in the process? 


Best Small Businesses App for Accounting and Finance


  1. Quickbooks Online
  2. Fresh Books
  3. Wave
  4. Expensify
  5. webOdoctor Accounting and Finance management software

You may use all the above products and also go for custom mobile app development for your business with a proper layout plan. The best mobile app development company in India will understand your needs and execute them in coding accordingly so that your brand value is reflected.

Best Small Business App for Managing Inventory

  1. SOS Inventory
  2. Delivrd
  3. Sortly

             With all these above ready to use Inventory management software solutions you can hire the    best white label software solution from webOdoctor or opt core mobile app development services in India.

              Small Businesses Apps for Tracking and Team Management

             Managing a team can be difficult when you have multiple employees and different schedules but its possible only with some best white label software solutions, Saas Based Platforms or seamless mobile app development services. List of Tracking Systems:

  1. Gusto
  2. TSheets
  3. Team Deck

Many more software could be used but what about creating your custom mobile app development

Small Business Apps for Customer Relationship Management

It can be tricky to manage your customer relationships, especially as a smaller business with limited resources and funding. Therefore, if you’re looking to facilitate a loyalty program or maintain customer profiles, one of these small business apps may be able to help.

  1. Belly
  2. Spendgo
  3. Nimble

These lists could go ON and ON but what we need to focus is what exactly our business needs and which loyalty program or white label solution or mobile app development service in India can help our business sail through with better tracking, analytics and revenue at large.

Now the question is – How does an App improve your current Website?

When you think of mobile website or mobile apps offer ease and convenience. A dedicated app can leverage your current online presence, even if your website was designed as a mobile-friendly, responsive site that easily transitions from desktop to mobile browsers and back. 

A website offering general information about your company is a necessity, like having a telephone. And like a telephone, your customers must expend effort to use it by searching out your homepage, bookmarking your site and navigating specific information. Even the friendliest mobile website is more complex and time-consuming than a mobile app.

Then the final question comes – What’s your strategy to building an App?

How much can you spend in mobile app development and its maintenance?

The mobile arena’s popularity means plenty of customers will eagerly await your app – it’s up to you to provide the services and user experiences they crave.

But no matter how much you want to build an app, developing an app is only worthwhile if it provides a great user experience and you have the budget to maintain it for the long term. So are you planning for a mobile app development for your business? Check us out more and see the difference.




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