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How Much Does It Cost To Make The Best Mobile App Development In 2022?

How Much Does It Cost To Make The Best Mobile App Development In 2022?


With Google and Apple Play Store taking the largest space in digital world for around 11 years have been leveraging many businesses giving authenticity to best mobile app development service- mobile apps of various domains like healthcare, FMCG , education and others.

Our mobile app development company has been serving the IT industry for 5 years, helping businesses to scale and create strong online presence with the help of best mobile app developers. What we have faced so far is clients asking- “How much does it cost to make an app?”

Sometimes it happens like client is clueless- how to start?

From where to start?

They have their own business but they assume that mobile app development is a common budget solution for any domain of business. This is where we try to make them understand that mobile app development cost is not a generalized question. It completely depends on what business you have, which sort of mobile app development service you need like – mobile app development service for ecommerce, healthcare , mobile app for online education based platform etc.

For our readers we want you to focus on these few questions:

  • I need a mobile app development service for my ecommerce business?
  • I need a mobile app development service for health care?
  • I need a mobile app development service for my online education platform like test papers, quiz etc?



This blog will answer this question for you in a more comprehensive manner and will prove to be ultimate guide for you.  Mobile App development including iOS App Development and Android App Development is the main area of concern for any startup or businesses to reach the target audience.

Mobile app development is just like office construction. Let’s say you just want one room for your office, you would be spending a decent amount. The bigger it gets the higher it starts to cost. Then the furniture you add, the quality of systems you purchase, and amenities you wish to include will depend on person-to-person.

Similarly, mobile app development cost depends person-to-person. You can relate the number of screens required to the number of cabins you need in the office, amenities as features, and quality as app quality. The better it gets, the higher the cost gets. But this is worth the investment. Still, confused? 

Check out some of the cost involved in creating the brand of today-

  1. UBER- With a seed funding of $200,000, the Uber app pilot program development was conducted. Around $200,000 was the cost to build. For further mobile app development, the company raised $1.25 million after the pilot. Today $100 billion is the worth of Uber.
  2. AIRBNB- An online market place is welcomed by 4 million host around the world.
  3. TIKTOK- An iOS and Android app with 1.5 billion downloads holding a value of 250 billion.
  4. SNAPCHAT-A worth of 90 Billion USD and with all sort of advanced features makes it stand out.

Through the worth of these brands you can guess how much investment they must have made to venture their own mobile app in the first cut of the market place.



  1. MOBILE APP STRATEGY- The mobile app strategy you create will define the overall success of your product. The right mobile app strategy consists of research for potential competitors for your mobile app idea. See what these mobile apps are delivering to their audience and where they are lagging. Then you need to document the entire strategy with the following questions that can make the process easier for you-

What is the mission of your organization and IOS / Android App?

What is the vision behind it?

What is the scope of the strategy behind it?

What competitive advantage are you looking for?

Get one thing for sure mobile app strategy is much different from online strategy. A mobile app can help your company to interact with the users and learn more about them. You can collect data like where they stay, what they are interacting with and much more. With a mobile app, you will be able to fill in the gaps you are experiencing in the company.


  1. APP DEVELOPMENT- Before starting the mobile app please makes sure to draw a wireframe and then switch to a broader level. The app development process starts with wire framing. Identifying the functionalities of your mobile app is the first step in this mobile app development process. Define the actions of your mobile app and how these actions would be interrelated. Mockups will help you visualize the iOS or Android App very well. Prototyping and creating MVP come next. Mobile app developers must look forward to developing an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). In this stage, you can take feedback from potential customers and edit features that your users are expecting.

Next thing you need to select is the right language for the development and the last step  is to deploy it.

  1. APP MARKETING- This is a crucial step and if you are in some confusion , take the help of a professional who can guide you in mobile app marketing. You can start with  a  clean, user-friendly and attractive landing page. The next step of mobile app marketing can be getting it reviewed and rated by your customers. Rating and reviews help your potential customers to build trust in your iOS and Android app. Even if you are getting bad reviews, don’t take them personally. Rather use them to strengthen your iOS and Android application further.
  2. APP MAINTENANCE- This is the final ongoing step of mobile app development. This step has many benefits including but not limited to, minimizing uninstalls, serving a better experience to the customers, catching up with the competitors and maintaining a positive image of the brand.


The major mistakes brands or individuals make in mobile app development process it starting without a wireframe, lack of project planning and management, untrained development team and most importantly under funding your project.



A tentative 1200- 1500 hours is required to make a mobile app of standard quality. Freelancer mobile  app developers charge $80 per hour so with an average of 1200-1500 hour it will go upto $113,120.


Freelancers and Agency Cost

Freelancers lack reliability with deadlines and payment security. The risk of not getting our product on time can prove to be a big risk. With mobile app development, you keep marketing your mobile app, what if your mobile app is not launched in time? This is one of the biggest problems with freelancers that you will have to face. They complete one project and jump onto the other one. These people do not stick around for one project but move on. Therefore, getting support and maintenance from them is a little difficult. 

From best mobile app Development Company in India you get a minimum price that starts from 75000 INR on an average. Now don’t expect a value of 20000 INR because such companies resell their products. What we are talking about is a fresh development and the minimum price involved in it. A mobile app development agency in India has a team of certified mobile app developers that can help you build a mobile app faster. There is a specialized person for each task thereby reducing the cost of app development. While hiring a mobile app development company you will have to raise the funds and create an overall strategy. But some of the mobile app development companies also offer these services too.



There are over a million mobile app developers in the world now, but we need to figure out the best when it comes to hire mobile app developers. You just need to prepare few key points before you hire the best mobile app developers

  1. Try to find out without hustle

In that case, you can ask for their work profile and can try to know about them in your network. There will definitely be someone who directly or indirectly knows about their work. Basically, you need to research, list, scrutinize, and finalize. It has been often noticed that in a hurry to introduce application, people finalize the application developer soon after an outer view and later regret as results don’t come favorable.

  1. Look for a long term and reliable partner

The duration can vary from few months to few years as mobile app development is a process that happens in various stages. To improve the product, you need to use them so that you get valuable feedback and based on this the developer takes further process.  To ensure this process, it takes time and this is the key to get the mobile app development cost in India.

  1. Budget is a major concern—

Budget is the primary concern of many businesses looking to develop mobile apps. It is something that prevents owners from hiring the best mobile application developers. The cost of hiring a mobile application developer is entirely up to you. Experienced mobile application developers are costly. So, if your app needs some minor overhaul or quick changes, you can opt for freelancers. This way, you can move things quickly with a less experienced developer at a lower cost. You may, however, first determine your budget and understand how to hire an app developer.

  1. Know the type of app and what platform you need for development-

You must be specific on the type of app you want to make, whether you will design the app yourself or hire mobile app developers hybrid . Since the app development process can get very complicated as it progresses without this clarification.

  1. Communicate-

You need to understand things under user perspective and make this UX an authentic one – hassle free. To build this you need a strong mobile app development idea with an expert team you decide to go further.



Tell us what more queries you have while taking a thought about mobile app development services in India. We will address those and get back with a detailed answer that will help you fix your problem.

webOdoctor, the best mobile app development service provider in India plans the execution of any mobile app development in a very meticulous way that helps scale business with a value addition.


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