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Digital Marketing Challenges In Healthcare Industry

Digital Marketing Challenges In Healthcare Industry

There are so many marketing strategies available to healthcare industries today. It is difficult to differentiate between the tried and actual from the revolutionary effective approach. However, healthcare companies lag behind when it comes to market their products and services related to CRM marketing.

Reports say, healthcare marketers are not confident in their CRM efforts and it is found that 88% of consumers are not satisfied with the healthcare experience. When it comes to identifying the challenges of marketing related to healthcare, it is unique and marketers must find out industry-wide regulation which is one of the reasons to slow down the growth of new ideas. Take a look at the five most common digital marketing challenges in the healthcare industry.


Marketers know that consumers appreciate a personalized approach. But sometimes this gets tricky as the privacy laws are the usual challenge with respect to capturing, storing and using patient data. Make sure your marketing is a benefit to the consumer. 

Personalized engagement in digital marketing is a solution to this. Provide a broad lifestyle-focused advertisement amidst the industrial shift and not just treating symptoms and illness. 

How to eat healthy food, screening, preventive measures for chronic disease management are of great benefits for marketers and consumers.


Insurance plays a major role to design any healthcare campaign that attracts any consumer. One needs to build a good term with the players and the provider. Value the relationship between brands and systems that connect patients with your product. Spread how your brand can be additional support for patients worldwide. Dimensional mail and gift boxes in the realm of digital could be your mode of network reach to people across the globe.


It’s difficult for Healthcare consumers to trust on any brand. Combined with high costs, confusing policy, strict regulatory requirements, and a demand for personalized service, trust is core to healthy marketing.

So offer transparency wherever possible. Be clear about pricing, ease of access, and other important details that competitors may over stamp for. Share testimonials to showcase patient satisfaction and successful relationships. Use NPS scoring to see where you stand with your customers’ expectations, and if they don’t trust you, an NPS survey will help you in.


Metrics play a very important role and is the key to any marketing campaign showing the data relevance and distraction. Look for data for audience network building with a more proactive social media engagement. Understanding consumer behavior and predictive analysis are where the audience looks for any brand to highlight. 


In every sector, relying on one single channel to get your audience’s attention simply isn’t enough anymore. You must connect with them wherever they are, whenever they’re searching for information. And it’s no different in healthcare.  And this applies to strategies targeting patients as well as those targeting healthcare professionals, or both. Take both digital and traditional approaches in today’s healthcare marketing landscape to engage patients making a significant shift in the industry. 

Today consumers are very digitally active so they are engaged across different channels and various devices –each serving a unique need and preference. It is complicated to find out with rules and regulations. Identifying challenges a team will be empowered to be innovative and effective. 

The most important role of a digital marketing agency if working for the healthcare sector is to identify the digital marketing challenges first and then plan the strategic approach.

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