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Big Data And Artificial Intelligence To Leverage Healthcare

Big Data And Artificial Intelligence To Leverage Healthcare

With leap in the evolution of digital capacity, immense data is generated and stored in the digital space. It is noted that the data we create and copy annually in the digital universe will touch 44 zezabytes by 2020.

Guided by set of protocols, it is observed that the world of Big Data is so gigantic that there is a requirement of Artificial Intelligence to monitor it. The “real” AI stage has not been reached, yet it has readily sneaked into our lives narrowing itself through Google search, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft Cortana and Amazon’s Echo services. They are using naturl linguistic process than the limited set of usual things raveling a simple entanglement search. Every area of our lives have changed and this time Big Data and Artificial Intelligence have started featuring themselves creating remarkable changes in the domain of healthcare.


Concerning healthcare, artificial intelligence has and will redesign healthcare completely an in more refined way. Infusing AI could help medical experts design a treatment plan and figure out the suitable methods for each patient. Technology allows healthcare to drive the accessibility part of the equation through various framework of advanced website CMS integrated with advanced AI. Integrating website development services in various horizons with advanced big data and artificial intelligence produces outstanding results. Many organizations with advanced web services aim to increase the interaction level with artificial intelligence.  The website service companies collaborate with healthcare domains to help them carve the framework in their designed website broadly expanding the features.

The transition has leaped with the integration of APIs across various industries, to make a great user experience- one of which is healthcare. Ask and Relax Info Network Private Limited, one of the leading web development companies in India is also on its journey to take a firm collaboration in expanding the scope of healthcare domain. Foresighting to bridge the gap between patients and doctors with its website and mobile app development technology.

A website development services provider helps healthcare spread its wings across the globe in various digital avenues making efforts to use artificial intelligence and big data. With the help of AI in website development, cognitive analysis could be predicted minimizing the error from user/patient/customer’s prespective. With straight forward computation, complex AI algorithm is put together in website development.  Advanced website softwares analyzes huge scope in the domain of healthcare , right from capturing phsicians note and drawing diagnoses supported by medical evidence with real time feedback . AI infused in healthcare with higher transformation in the framework of website development gains substantial benefits in clinical quality stores, patient care and complete documentation in medical terminology.

Let us take a look on various top notch companies which has taken a leap in the implementatition of big data and artificial intelligence in healthcare.


Mining medical records along with collecting, storing, normalising and tracking is the first step that artificial intelligence will revamp the existing healthcare systems.  As per report from Accenture Consulting, Healthcare New Nervous System – Artificial Intelligence, foresights the growth rate annually upto 40% by 2021 to $6.6 billion from $600 million in 2014.

 The senior managing director Matthew Collier and collegues have made an assessment of the market. Later the CB Insights tech analyst Deepashri Varadharajan concluded on facts that healthcare dominates every sector, from security to finance and marketing. It was then calculated that almost 188 deals have been done across various healthcare segments from Jan 2012 to Sept 2016, worth $1.5 billion in global equity funding.

The density of deals without any substantial output is the biggest return on investment areas in healthcare AI – as per Accenture report suggests. The hotshot areas being medical imaging, diagnostics and drug discovery. Robot-assisted surgery stands in the top list of investments. The experts suggest that “cognitive robotics can integrate information with real time operating metrics to enhance and guide the physician’s instrument precision. The surgical technology inclusive of machine learning and various forms of artificial intelligence and big data will result in best of outcomes reducing 21% length of patient staying in hospitals. With these technology evolution and adaption, $40 billion dollar return benefit is a must by 2026.

This doesn’t end here –the valubale use of Artificial Intelligence will drive credits with virtual nursing assistant application worth $20 billion, letting medical providers remotely access the symptom’s of the patient reducing the number of visits. Some of the more fascinating and intelligent applications are maintaining the administrative workflow, fraud detection and reduction of dosage error.

Adding to these and many more Artificial Intelligence applications gain more experience , ability to learn  with improvement in precision, efficience and outcomes.

In the aura of Big Data, it is very much understood how valuable patient data is. Tech giants like Google and IBM have digged their brains in the field of patient data mining.

  1. Google Health DeepMind

The infusion of AI in Google Health DeepMind project is used to mine the medical records providing faster and better medical services, processing thousands of information in minutes. Google at this moment is cooperating with the Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust to enhance the eye treatment. Additionally, Alphabet an umbrella corporation of Google is working on genetic data collecting initiative to sort the algorithm that helps Google’s search button to analyse people’s health.

  1. IBM Watson’s Path

Watson Path collaborating with Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine of Case Western Reserve has developed the two cognitive computing technologies to help physicians make more accurate decisions and new insights from electronic medical record (EMR).

  1. CareStroke

A start up from Chicago offers a cloud based predictive analysis platform for health and physician organizations securing 4.3 million dollars for financing its operation. Through its Zeus algorithm Carestroke predicts how often a patient is likey to be admitted in hospital; also creating a platform through AI based communication notifing about their risk and issues.

  1. Oncora Medical

A start up based in Philadelphia aims to help cancer research treatment in radiation theraphy. David Lindsay, one of the co founder recognized that there was no integrated database which collected and organized electronic medical records for such radiation oncologists. This data analytic platform could help doctors design sound radiation treatments for patients.

  1. Zephyr Health

Johnson & Johnson’s have strived around 5 years to explore the data sets that help physician’s identity better therapies reducing time that is invested to bring these into market. They combine big data and machine learning algorithms with great data visualization allowing healthcare companies gain insights into a diverse set of data with faster moves.



You feel dizzy and you are sure of having a fever. Your mate tells you go to the doctor. So, you ask for a fitting assistant. You are bent to wait two more days to get the visit . With Babylon and its new app - The British subscription, online checkup examination reference and health service, launched an application this year which fling medical consultation based on personal medical record and common medical cognition. Drug user reports the symptoms of their unwellness to the app, which monitors them using speech recognition against a database of diseases. These solutions help in diagnosis of patient’s history and Synonyms/Hypernyms (Ordered by Estimated Frequency) circumstance, with Babylon offering an appropriate course of action. The app will also remind patient role to take their medication, and follow up .Through such solvent the efficiency of diagnosis patients can increase by multiple multiplication, while the waiting time in front of doctor’s examining way could drop significantly.




Have you heard of open AI eco-sytem? No?

Well this is nothing but the AI infrastructure which refers to the idea of unprecedented amount of data combining advanced natural language processing, social awareness algorithm with increased AI applications for useful customers.   With huge data analysis it not only provides patients with proactive suggestions about lifestyle, but also serve healthcare with best of information on designing the base with needs and habits of patients.

          WHAT WE NEED TO DO?

            One needs to tear down the fear against artifcial intelligence and help people understand how             essential it is and how it helps overcome the dangers of our lives. A set of rules need to be prepared to avoid the pitfalls of implementation of AI. With ethical standard creation there could be a gradual development of AI for mapping the possible downsides of medical profession. Patients need to get accustomed with AI to discover its benefits for themselves. Companies in their voyage of AI need to be even more communicative towards general public with potential advantage and risk in medicine.

Integrating big data and AI in healthcare delivery can translate a wide scale of health benefits. Over a period of time the biggest fear is that Artificial Intelligence will become so much sophisticated that it will take a control over human brains and our lives. However, huge medical discoveries and breakthrough treament processes through artificial intelligence will bridge the gap between doctors and patients with a healthy engagement platform.







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