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Update 2019-the Journey From Leadership To Luck....

Update 2019-the Journey From Leadership To Luck....


Success is the prime focus of so many people. Success is often focused inwardly. In fact, the drive for success is a need to go from where you are now to where you want to be. Look at that sentence… it is all about you.

Two years of hardship ..... But to begin with let me share with you all our failures first-

#miscalculated time and budget frames

#no end-user involvement

#failing to see the big picture

#chasing technology

#challenge in development downtime

#chasing payments

Becoming successful in business is more about your mentality, psychology and determination than it is about finding little tips, tricks, hacks and exploitations in the marketplace. The only true way to learn is by doing- and WE DID IT!

Till Date : 26th March 2019

110+ WEBSITES (National and International) , 35+ MOBILE APP (Native Android & iOS) , 25+ DIGITAL MARKETING BRANDS & 6+ BOOK WRITING 



Money Counts , but nothing happens overnight. We may not be a 100 Crore Company now but surely one to climb the ladder in a pace that has grit and determination to leave no stone unturned in being ranked as best website development company in India, best mobile app development company in Bhopal and best digital marketing company in Bhopal.

That’s why we’ve brought to you today our story of not-giving-up, the story of success that you won’t hear about in the evening news. The real story of everyday entrepreneurs who quit their jobs to pursue their passions under unwanted demand of time—and succeeded.

It takes immense guts to start your own venture, knowing the unknown out there and no guarantee that your best idea could ever be successful. It is similar to take a leap of faith when you actually start your own business. So what is it that takes that leap- drives the driven?
Why did we start our business?
Stop! Let me just change the question. What made us give wings to our hidden desires?
Unwanted circumstances faced in our job. Everyday battling the race of putting up new ideas and expecting to get a green flag for it. Sometimes trying to convince yourself and sometimes your boss. Waiting for that one moment in a year for an appreciation in terms of money and words. Finally scratching your head when somebody else give the hat to wear.
Against all odds we, with not even a single penny we trudged to take this risk, collaborate our ideas which immediately got to work creating ‘WEBODOTOR’.
A platform for efficiently building your online presence through websites and mobile apps. I was really nervous about our decision to launch a business together and with basically nothing with our name, but after we acquired the first one, our life was dramatically changed.
I always define the four of us as an army - where we are a small team with huge task resolving problems every day. There were thousands of obstacles and still are - but we wear not just a role or title of a Founder/Director but in reality wear many hats to explore our strengths.
Through our strategies we have leveraged businesses being their trusted providers in their business. Believe me nothing gives you more pleasure than the smile and satisfaction of your clients after a rigorous effort that you and your team put in to ensure giving the best product in the market.
I’ve had many jobs in my career, but this one is my favourite where I work for myself. It’s often observed that no one wants to hear or take up new ideas from a new guy and it happens so that every time you come up with a new thought they are frowned upon by your real ‘boss’. So here’s how every day we sit and discuss on the meticulous ways to strategize our business. And to share with you all - maybe it is taking time yet the graph is moving up.
The ‘not-giving-a-damn attitude is eventually the result of such breeds resentment. Well situations don’t turn out the way you like them to be, but we resolve the problems and formulate strategies to overcome such obstacles every day. With this we have learnt to maneuver the business world and I believe we are going to do it for the rest of our lives.
Because we found a niche market, where we saw an opportunity which served as a catalyst for moving with a new technology, changing the way we serve customers with an urge to bring in a change in business. Building our own products which receive acceptance from the industry with an access to market is our major verticals that we look into when deciding our success in the venture that we have set up. We are going through a hype cycle and technology is eyeing to build trust and so is every start up.
Unlike being a non code developer amongst three of my friends with whom I spend so much time to really analyze how on earth they dig their minds to code the best designs for a web or app. However, I’m one of a person who draws people to use the products. It’s a pleasure to meet so many new faces every day and try to understand their mind and end up building your business with them. For me it is a bit different -it is not just building business but a long term partnership resolving their problems on a faster scale and benefit the entrepreneurial mindset.
With time our team size is multiplying and it is good to say that every single idea matters. We believe that there is always another person out there who has a better idea and that is why we keep innovating all the time.

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