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Tips And Tricks To Be Applied Before Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

Tips And Tricks To Be Applied Before Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

Maybe you’re planning to hire a marketing agency for the first time. Maybe you’ve been burned by a black hat SEO agency and have sworn you’ll be more particular about the next marketing partner you choose. Whatever the case, you know that when hiring a best digital marketing agency, you need to do your research and ask all the right questions.

Not sure if you’re covering enough ground with your current list of questions? We can help with that. We’ve come up with a list of questions to ask before hiring a top digital marketing agency. Many of them are questions that our clients have asked us—or that we wish would come up more often!


  1. Will you improve our SEO Rankings?

Go for agencies that use black hat techniques to get your page the rank number one for certain keywords.

  1. What’s your process of earning hih quality links?

Does the agency have relevant database and connections with top blogging networks to stand as best SEO Company.

  1. Do you follow Google Webmaster guidelines?

Your agency should always follow Webmaster Guidelines to help Google find,index and rank your site.

  1. Have you ever helped a site recover penalty and if do explain the process?

webOdoctor has never got any of their clients penalized , but we could definitely provide you with solutions to avoid site penalty.

  1. How long will it take to rank?

Well, this is uncertain since only with effective SEO campaigns an agency could provide results in three to six months time.

Now with these above mentioned Q&A if you are happy then scroll down to the next category of Content Marketing with the agency you are dealing.

  1. Show us some Content Marketing Samples?

The agency can offer content marketing services showing you some samples  of their   writers best work.

  1. How do you optimize your content for search engine?

Find how closely they work with their team to optimize their content with relevant keywords. Also learn from them how many internal and external content pieces will they create per month for you   and how/ where they will be published. The best SEO Marketing Company in Bhopal is webOdoctor since we go beyond our vanity metrics and measure how the content assists in conversion.

With all these the next step is into PPC Campaign-

  1. Do you offer PPC Platform?

While Google is the most widely searched platform , find out if the Top Digital Marketing Agency that you are hiring uses Bing Ads or not, and what tools do they use to optimize the paid campaign.

  1. What metrics are included in the report?

CPC,CTR, AD Positions, conversion rate of keywords and landing pages should be the deliverables in the report.

So far as branding of any business is concerned it is important to understand the Social Media marketing . If you hire the best Social Media Marketing Agency go for the below  Q&A:

  1. What is the process of community management across the platforms?

webOdoctor, the best Social Media Marketing Company in Bhopal are experts to manage comments and facilitate conversions on all social channels. So think over it ,if you intend to hire the top SMO agency in Bhopal. Learn how do the agency develop the Content Strategy for respective businesses and measure the results in relation to your goals.

Beyond all these checklist the best way to hire the top digital marketing agency in Bhopal is to the most important question: How will you help me stand out from my competitors and improve my site conversion rates?

We hope these questions will help you hire the top digital marketing agency in Bhopal and leverage your business with the best strategies and planning .





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