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Telling Your Story Well Is Telling It Consistently

Telling Your Story Well Is Telling It Consistently

Keep your marketing priorities in your organization by consistently pitching your brand story.

Now what’s your brand story?

Your brand story is your customer’s story about You. How you have added value to their organization or brand growth. This is true in both B2B and B2C sectors or any startup.

Customers are less interested in their story , but more in how your brand delivers on its promised benefits. How a brand guides them to success? Now if you can’t answer this question , that means you have not fully developed a brand story. It’s a good time for a call to a full fledged best digital marketing agency that will help you uncover your brand and begin your own story.

How do brand stories work?

Stories have an emotional impact as our brains respond more to a story by releasing cortisol

(something that helps us feel relaxed).

When we hear a good story, the neural activity in our brain gets well functional and active by five times. This light up our neuron wires, which allows us to remember more of information sent via a story. If you want your brand to be memorable, you consistently deliver your brand story.

Stories induce a potent cocktail of brain chemicals and enhanced neural activity. This combination makes us care and makes us remember. Those are the two most important actions we want our customers to take in relation to our brand.

Where to Start?

Always make a proper customer research. What they do? Where are the competitors?
Remember stories are built on gut feeling. Today’s data culture demands not only that we collect data, but that we responsibly use it. Collecting it, but not using it to truly maintain an understanding of our audience, is not only irresponsible, but costly. 


  1. What are the key elements of your brand story?

What is your value proposition ? This is actually the map you are giving to the customer to help them navigate whatever conflict they are facing. Conflict is the heart of a story and you as a brand can help your customer overcome the conflict with a great success story.

  1. Support your value proposition through out the organization-  Create messages rooted in your brand story for all your different audience touch points: customer service; investor relations, employee relations, community relations, etc.It’s the fact these messages all support the same value proposition (brand story) that demands they be told consistently – not the same – but consistently. They should reflect the same goals, mission, and vision. Regardless of where someone comes into contact with your messages, they should recognize your organization and understand its value.
  2. A tone and voice Strategy- Have a unique voice, flexible tone and consistency.

Successful businesses include a specific brand storytelling section as part of their overall branding strategy guidelines. Your brand is your reputation, not your logo. When choosing a digital marketing agency, work with experienced branding professionals who understand that words and images must be consistent throughout the organization.




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