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Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Personalization

Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Mobile App Personalization


Many leading tech companies are showing immense interest in Artificial Intelligence in both business and science. The tech giant Google has spent around $20 billion to $30 billion last year on AI, with 90% of the total spend in making research and deployment and 10% on AI acquisition.

AI is expanding in full momentum nearly $40 billion in last three years. Whether it is healthcare, education or finances every sector is investing in Artificial Intelligence to help handle the daily task to attract users everywhere.

I’m here to give you a high level overview of constant change in user demand and application in AI in mobile app development.

“Artificial Intelligence” has been revolving all over our mind not knowing how exactly it works or what is it. This is actually a machine involvement with an ability to copy intelligent behaviour- machine learning,, natural  language processing and knowledge management.

There are endless possibilities with artificial intelligence, but when it comes to the context of mobile there are chat-bots or context aware sensors that it can be embedded with. This strategy of implementing artificial intelligence taken up by many companies is just to retain their users and engage them intuitively.

There are many intelligent apps that can complete common tasks like prioritizing emails, putting a remark on every aspect of accommodating AI in the enterprise of mobile app. As per reports by Gartner, almost 200 companies will develop intelligent apps by next year to a huge leap in technology.

Usually there is confusion between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.   Now let me tell you what exactly they are- You have a subset of AI that helps a computer to learn without explicit programming and have the ability to adapt any new data is called Machine Learning. Now a branch of machine learning that takes an attempt to remould high level concepts of data  based on a set of algorithm is called Deep Learning.


AI technology has leverage users personalized experience with more in—depth and predictive mobile app experiences. Think about the “My Starbucks Barista” app ,  where users simply tell the  app what they want and their order is placed. The “Tacobot” which has more personalised menu suggestions with core anticipation of users purchase trends.

So it is getting easier and easier to leverage AI and big data to help user have a more compatible access with your brand. Many mobile devices are offering numerous functionalities to supplement AI. Using AI technology with many built in features like those offered by Apple help make each such app session more valuable, personalized and relevant contextualizing user behaviour.


With huge competitions like Google Home, Microsoft Cortana  - Amazons’   voice controlled digital assistant Alexa stole the show . The inception of Alexa has proved Amazon to be a dominant player in this tech market. This  platform has transformed interaction between companies and users with a lot more connectivity to home devices. Reports suggest that noise and voice control will be an effective solution to users’ pain points – Alexa has transitioned and carved her unique space in market. For all Ford users, connecting SYNC 3 with Alexa in their cars to check weather , audiobook and control home-enabled devices have become a lot more easier.

This growth has lead a vast digital platform for its potential customers or users with a commitment to personalize and streamline more user experience.


Artificial intelligence in mobile app development is the new digital frontier in shifting consumer demands.  Many companies are integrating AI algorithm to strategically infuse   user security and leverage the brand ecosystem. The new availability and growth in AI caused a revolutionary shift in business and has helped user think intelligently.. The influence of AI in mobile app is going to take a rapid pace in coming years.  




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