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Get Ready To Have Your Own E-class Learning Management System

Get Ready To Have Your Own E-class Learning Management System

E-Learning Management System is a revolutionary product of our company to meet the most on-demand requirement of E-Learning in this pandemic. With so much stress and difficulties in the education system, there is a big gap between teachers and students which needs to be bridged with some good digital technology footprint. 

webOdoctor the best website design and development company in India brings you the best eClass Learning Management System that comes with features to help you connect your audience with the right learning. It is the most customizable eClass platform for building your online learning platform. With top E-Learning Management System become the leading global marketplace for learning and instruction.

Students need to improve their skills and for this one needs software with customer-friendly features, secure, scalable, synchronized, expandable, and flexible platforms. So get an optimized course software management. Buy your own E-Learning Management software system and become the leading brand in this domain of business.

Here’s how different our E-Learning Management Software System is:


Three Level Category

  • Top Level
  • Sub Category 
  • Student Category

Social Login

  • Facebook Login
  • Github Login
  • Google Login


  • Teaching Skills 
  • Request Admin and Apply for Instructor

Add Unlimited Courses

  • Improve Through Learning
  • Add courses chapter wise and classes.

Coupon System

  • As per category make coupons
  • Discount on courses and cart
  • Flat amount and percentage


  1. Notifications 
  2. Wishlists
  3. Secured Cart System
  4. Blog
  5. Admin Dashboard
  6. Open Source Web Conferencing
  7. E-Learning Management System
  8. Check your own course progress in class
  9. Download your course offline in different formats ( PDF, Video, Images, Zip)
  10. Multiple Payment Gateway
  11. Progressive Web App
  12. Live Streaming ( Youtube, Video)
  13. A quiz can be added to your course
  14. Zoom Video Communication

New age technology and upgraded learning systems are the need of the hour. We transform classrooms into digital rooms that enhance the learning process by involving more senses. Digital education provided with good infrastructure helps the conversion of traditional classrooms easily and effectively.

Teachers will get the power in their hands to showcase more examples, more illustrations, and more content. This will help the students to understand and grasp more knowledge from the same concepts.

Every method of learning has its own skill logic. In today’s digital world, we have unlimited learning opportunities and access to numerous training methods. With this ever blooming virtual learning opportunities, why do we still bother to attend traditional classroom sessions?

80% of all Communication is Non-Verbal

Yes, the technology is always on the rise and more online learning classes and tutorials which are more convenient too. However, we can also see that an overwhelming number of organizations and candidates continue to opt for traditional classroom learning alongside e-learning. Why is it so? In our ever-changing virtual world, the traditional way has its strong foundations embedded into the learning process and can never be completely replaced by modern technology-based learning.

Should I take my next training sessions online or shall I stick with face-to-face classes?

Well in this pandemic, if you are teaching and have a ground set up of your own which is affected due to the COVID 19, do not get demoralized. Reach out to the technological aspects and create your own Elearning Management System.  

Count the benefits by yourself:

  1. Great Personal Relationship with class
  2. Engagement and Focus
  3. Practise 
  4. Debates & Discussion
  5. Instant Doubt clearing
  6. Learning from peers 
  7. Compressed Schedules 
  8. Fast Learning and Teaching

In E-Learning, you do not need to invest much but certainly, it will help you to reach many students sitting in your own place. There is a wide array of techniques, activities, methods, and training tools available to create and present influential classroom training sessions. Also, classroom training is influenced by specific factors such as, availability of classroom sessions for that particular course chosen, the time constraints, and location constraints which makes it nearly inaccessible for few. Those candidates can take up Live virtual training which seems similar to classroom sessions so as to not miss the benefits of classroom training.

webOdoctor the best mobile app development company in India also has ways to get the best E-Learning App for your business. But for the time being, if you want a reasonable and quick solution for your teaching domain, reach out to get the best E-learning Management software for schools, institutions, and colleges.

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