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Digital Marketing And You!

Digital Marketing And You!

So advertising is everywhere right ? You turn ON your phone and you see so many ads, some which are already there , some are newly conceptualized and gains eyeballs. A lot of people though hate advertising as they feel advertising ruin everything, some are not interested too.


Like let’s talk about a flower which is more or less a flamboyant plant particle which is trying to attract this butterfly, or may be another insect because the end goal is to get itself pollinated.

Let me give you another example – this weird looking insect is actually trying to advertise itself. So the point is advertising has always been there.  But this blog will help you understand how your actions lead you to be segmented on a digital platform and for us as the best digital marketing company in Bhopal to explain you , we need to talk more about what this sort of segmentation is for your business or product.

Market Segmentation Criteria is broadly classified into – Geographic, Demographic, Psychographic and Purchasing and Online Behaviour .  When it comes to e-commerce specific criteria with best e-commerce website development services here are few categories that need to be catered:-

  • Customer Spending Behaviour
  • Frequency and monetary value of purchase
  • Purchase variety
  • Basket stickiness and abandoned cart
  • Customer Responsiveness to different customer offers
  • Customer visit behavior
  • Customer device preference
  • Visit Timing
  • Visit variety and Product Category

Does it look complicated ???

Well let us simplify it more for you :-

Here is your Purchase Funnel-

Awareness- Interest-Desire –Action

( Market Potential)-( Suspects)- (Prospects)-Customers

These end up to give you the number of prospective prospects. One needs to understand where his/her consumer is and to get there you need to understand the mindset of a consumer. Now here comes the exercise to take a pain and know “ WHAT A PERSON WANTS?”

So here is where “The System” comes into picture. Earlier when people did not even know about advertising so used to think of it they were dependent on advertisers as surely they could not do it by their own.

The idea is its difficult to bring so many advertisers or publishers on one platform and even come down to a cost. If you do that ,earlier many brokers used to get in and help you out , finally ending up ruining your business. The came the role of Ad networks between advertisers and publishers. Now up till one ad network it was well managed but now with more time when multiple ad networks came along with multiple publishers, things became complicated and could not be tracked.

When Print comes to picture so many ad process gets mixed up and more so the problem increases when it cannot be optimized. So one needs to bring together logistic data and track things. Now what comes into picture is the real tracking system with best digital marketing services in India.

Tracking System with best Digital Marketing Services


  1. Website Analysis

Lets start with the easiest and most common method of tracking, website analytics. Utilizing this tracking method, you can see who is coming to your site and from what sources. This lets you know which marketing tactics are producing the largest number of clicks and how many of those clicks convert to either sales or leads. Some platforms like WordPress do have their own tracking systems built in but I highly recommend that you set up Google Analytics for your website. It is the most effective and thorough tracking tool around and is fairly easy to set up yourself by pasting a tracking code into the back end of your website and landing pages.  Google Analytics compiles data for you in an easily manageable way and makes it possible to track the success of your marketing.


  1. Ad Network Tracking

This provide the ability to set up conversion tracking. This is critical because conversion tracking shows how effective your campaign is performing in areas such as phone calls, website purchases, newsletter sign-ups, app downloads, and more.


  1. CRM Tracking

With CRM platform tons of benefit is added to the life of a salesperson, it is the lead source category that aids our tracking efforts. Most CRM’s have a function that will allow you to pull up your leads and organize them by lead source.


  1. KPI Tracking

This is the format that tells you how  the result of  above three  processes work for easy review in one list. By keeping track of KPI’s and compiling them together into one easily digestible list, you can efficiently gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.


Digital marketing comes with better mode of segmentation. Either you have no time and want to buy high quality product or you have high time and want to low quality product. Basically these type of people waste the time of advertisers . Then you need to welcome “Luxury Marketing”. With this you seek for better results and most importantly meticulous tracking which is only possible through best digital marketing services in India.  


What are you thinking about now again?

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