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Building An Environmentally Responsible Cloud Is All What Matters

Building An Environmentally Responsible Cloud Is All What Matters

Each year Google releases an environmental report, which has been its core values since its inception stage. This stands as proof in the 10th year of carbon neutrality progressing towards a sustainable future. Every company should set its goal of 100 percent renewable energy for all its operations as like Google- inclusive of its data center supporting millions of customers on Google Cloud.

With the digital transformation of more businesses digitally, renewable energy has become the most critical factor for many companies. The environment is affected in many ways not being clearly visible with the continuous acceleration of digital transformation with a generation of large digital exhaust. As per reports conducted 13% of the world’s electricity will be consumed by data center nearing 2030, which, if not sourced responsibly will significantly have a negative impact on the environment.

Google believes when it comes to data storage, processing and development, environmental impact is an important aspect for factors like price, security, and reliability. Therefore, many companies should make commitments to sustainability. There are many ways in which businesses can really impact the environment.

  1. If your business moves from a self-managed data sent to the Google Cloud Platform, the emissions directly associated with your company’s data center will be reduced to zero.
  2. Switching businesses to cloud-based productivity tools like G Suite has helped reduce the IT Energy uses and carbon emission by 65 percent to 85 percent.
  3. Google Cloud TPUs are designed to fight against the Machine Learning workloads and complex computation that are energy-intensive. They are shaped in such a way that they accelerate deep learning workloads at maximum teraflops per watt in comparison to other processors.
  4. To help you retain long term data energy-efficient cold storage is required without giving up speed to access.

To power servers many data centers, none—computing or overhead energies. Google committed to sustainability, reducing this overhead to 12 percent with their own machine learning, which helps in the analysis of massive amounts of data to create actionable recommendations with automated controls and reduction in overhead further by 15 percent. Google has also committed to purchase the equivalent amount of renewable energy to power all its Cloud users, thereby striving to buy more renewable energy from projects adding to more green power.

Every IT Sector should try to leverage themselves in not just adding or multiplying their revenues but collectively contributing towards achieving the benchmark of IT Sectors’ energy performance annually. Building on a sustainable could is not just good for any business but also for the environment as well. So let us all build a business on this belief and also invite others to build it in creating their own platform or on Google Cloud to help achieve more Green Power.


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