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A Shout Out From Google On Mobile First Indexing

A Shout Out From Google On Mobile First Indexing

It is back on its foot!

Mobile first indexing is now out with almost one and half year testing and experimentation by Google. In 2016, Google came with a detail plan to change the way of its search index. This brought forward the complete explanation of how its algorithm would eventually be shifted to use the mobile version of the website content to proper indexing. Through this, the target was to understand the structured data and to show snippets from the site of Google search results.

December, 2017 Google began to take a transition to mobile -first indexing but could not commit to which property had made the move.

When we talk about ‘Mobile First Indexing’- it all indicates Google will use the mobile version “for indexing and ranking to help the mobile users find what they are looking for.

Google specifies the word ‘primarily mobile’ users, referring to the fact that its main focus is on the majority of people who use Google search today and have been doing it since 2015. It will have one index for the search result, unlike the mobile first index that is separate from another index. It will start to search for mobile web pages to index the web.

The mobile friendly concept has been a vital factor to rank a site, and this is how Google has started to rank a site prioritizing mobile sites in various ways. It has begun to boost the rank of mobile-friendly web pages on mobile search result back in 2015.

But, noting a major fact Google today claims that mobile-friendly indexing won’t directly impact the content ranking. This is also concluded that having a site mobile friendly content indexed in such a fashion will likely help the site perform better in mobile search results.

Well, all the sites are not being shifted to new mobile-first indexing today - it’s just the first chapter.

Those sites that were already following the best practices for mobile first indexing was selected by Google. After the shift, it will show the mobile version of its site pages in its search results and in Google cached pages.

Those sites with the shift will be notified by a search console and will start viewing increased visits from the Smartphone Google bot. After the shift, Google will start showing the mobile version of the site’s page in Search results and Google cached pages. The webmaster of sites that are not mobile optimized are instructed by Google not to panic, because even if you have a desktop content, you will continue to be represented in our index.

So, if you don’t know your website go for the below test-

  • Take a Mobile friendly Test now.
  • Check your guide to customize your website software 
  • Follow Mobile SEO Guide.
  • Customize your Website Software for Mobile User.

 Follow these below-mentioned practices for dynamic serving and separate URLs

  • Capture the same content for your mobile and desktop site
  • Place structured data on both versions of the site
  • Place metadata on both versions of the site
  • Verify both versions of the site in Search Console
  • Verify robot.txt directives
  • Please ensure your servers have enough capacity

Each site is evaluated individually by Google to ensure a good experience for the site owners and users on its readiness for mobile first indexing based on the best practices and transition when the site is ready.

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