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10 Ways To Avoid Content That Will Never Be Read By Anyone

10 Ways To Avoid Content That Will Never Be Read By Anyone

If you are a blogger, the only thing that gets tight to your mind is to generate the best quality content. Sometimes if you fail writing something that is actually original, even excellent content can fade out. I may write thousands of book guides to PPC marketing contents, but when the market itself consists of so many other levels of contents, how could mine get the traction.

Well, when life doesn’t have any guarantee, how could you guarantee on the content that will actually be read by one and all adding to generate revenue for you as well. So, you can surely stack the deck to favor yourself.  It is very important for a writer to build your own reputation and badly written content can ruin your reputation. With great content, you can build your own brand and this is one of the major reasons why B2B and B2C companies are paying so much attention to their content part when it comes to leveraging their brand value.

Here are some of the tricks to help you build great content-


You need to go deep in search of content which has not been in limelight in this crowded market and then vets it to see what content already exists in the market.

If there is a ton of high-quality content already produced it could be a bad choice to write. If there is any such topic that has light content – this may be a good choice for you.  Learn to gain traction for your content trying to take a different approach in your piece of writing. Take swirl in your content – if it's broad, you go deep if it’s deep you go broad. This is a calculative approach that can help you make a deep analysis of your competitor.


It needs a whole lot of research to generate the best topic or idea for your content. People search for the best content, so no matter how good your content is if that is not found in the search results it is of no use. So try to generate ideas for content in platforms where people ask many questions and want them to be answered.  People get more into searches when they want to gain knowledge about any topic to get the best interest.


Google ranks you based on the quality of content with its large scale algorithmic updates that analyze and interprets the quality of content – and a sophisticated one. Don’t worry much about the keyword density or number of words in your content, write something that carries some value and is unique.   If you have written a masterpiece, it will naturally float on the top list


The common marketing tactics years ago were to vomit out hundreds and thousands of content with a number of keywords, just to gather a web presence. Google has now put a stop to this technique and now what matters is a great piece of content. Lengthy blogs may get published ones or twice a week but if you have a valuable piece of content you can create a miracle in Google. 


Sharing articles through social via RSS is just a start and promotion ends when you press the stop button. Show your content to other bloggers and reach the influential bloggers to gather more eyeballs to your piece of content and earn in dollars.  Share your topic with people and ask them their views on it. Start paying for advertising and gain more eyes to your content. It is your job to find out the perfect place for your content in this crowded market.

As I already mentioned there is no guarantee to life so even when it is about your content, not every piece is a guarantee to rank in Google. It is your patience and perseverance that you can put in most pieces of your content to get a moderate level of exposure and with time you can actually rank on the top.

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