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Best Digital Marketing Agency Or Freelancer : Who To Hire?

Best Digital Marketing Agency Or Freelancer : Who To Hire?

Digital Marketing is an inevitable part of your business, which gives you a lot of exposure and lets you turn your small business into a recognizable brand. Your site, blog, social networks, newsletter mentions and customer reviews indicate your credibility in building trust with your target audience.

Now the question is – who are the gals or best digital marketing agency in India handling your business?

Many businesses decide to take on hold of their system with their own marketing team. Such teams are solely dedicated to you. This helps in keeping your online reputation management strong. However, you cannot hire just one or two people ( Freelancers) to handle your entire brand with the best digital marketing services.

Digital marketing services is complex with varied range and to get the most out of it , you need to hire a team of professionals and equip them with right tools. The cost of hiring an in-house marketing crew is too high for small business. This is why they opt for alternative option like hiring a digital marketing agency or hiring freelancers.

Here are few factors that one should consider when choosing business for a better option-

  1. Working with a Freelancer: Lower Cost, High Flexibility

Freelancers usually don’t take multiple projects at ones, meaning they are fully dedicated to their client. They work with few clients at a time and that makes them more flexible than best digital marketing agencies. They are faster in making ad hoc changes and meeting your business requirements.

But this is something you need to discuss with your freelancer before hiring them.


Lower Costs- When hiring a reliable digital marketing agency, you’re probably focused on building relationships in the long run. Sure, this will cost you a pretty penny. With freelancers, it’s different. Unlike agencies, they can be hired for a specific time or even per project. Therefore, if you don’t need their services anymore or you notice that your goals don’t align, you’re not obliged to keep working with them.Sure, even though hiring freelancers almost always costs less than working with a digital marketing agency, this still doesn’t mean they’re cheap. 


Witness Multiple Management Issues


One of the major problem companies make while hiring a digital marketing freelancer is compromising on the quality of work.  If you’re using a reliable platform to identify a perfect freelancer and connect with them, chances are that they’ve majored in those aspects of digital marketing relevant to you. In this case, your digital marketing campaigns will probably look like a million bucks, while you will manage to save lots of money.

The problem lies in the fact that there is no assurance that the freelancer will understand what exactly you’re looking for and meet your business’ needs. Simply put, they’re not a part of your business and, as such, they’re not familiar with your corporate culture and goals. Now the problem lies in the fact that freelancer will never understand what you exactly require as a BRAND, as they are not a part of your business and more so not familiar with corporate goals.

Next is they are not a team of professionals so they may fail on deadlines no matter how dedicated they are to their job. Freelancers usually specialize in one field of digital marketing, meaning that you will need to hire an entire team of freelancers to handle your entire online strategy.

Unsurprisingly, this leads us to some additional levels of complexity. Also managing more people remotely is a tedious job for your project.


  1. Hiring the Best Digital Marketing Agency: More Safer, yet a bit expensive


One of the major disadvantages when hiring the top digital marketing agency in India is the high price that they quote and which sometimes become difficult for small businesses to afford. However, working with an agency is a long-term investment that may bring you stunning results. Here is how:


Fresh Approach-

Offices recruit the top digital marketing experts that will plan an in-person meeting with you as a client and have a pleasant, significant conversation with you about your showcasing objectives, values, and missions. In view of the realities they accumulate, they will make a custom digital marketing strategy only for you. They generally accompany a new and unique view and this is an astounding an open door to grow an exceptional and conspicuous brand picture through your promoting efforts.


Greater Consistency-

In the event that you really want assistance with a particular venture, you will most likely choose to hire a freelancer. In any case, if you need to construct a steady digital marketing strategy for your businessthe best digital marketing agency and watch it develop over the long haul, then, at that point,  is the ideal decision for you. In particular, an organization can deal with various parts of your advanced advertising endeavors, from web composition to Search engine optimization.



A good digital marketing agency talks to their clients regularly. They listen to their goals and expectations, make a list of the digital marketing KPIs relevant to a client, and track them regularly. Above all, they’re honest with their clients and send them comprehensive reports to inform them about their progress.

Quality Assurance-

While recruiting a freelancer, you can never know the way they are expert and proficient . Without a doubt, there are numerous independent stages that let you dive more deeply into a consultant prior to contacting them, yet investigating them this way might call for critical time speculations.


With organizations, the situation are unique. An organization chief will converse with you and pick the group of experts that can meet your organization's prerequisites. Above all, organizations generally make vital, information upheld choices and focus on your particular objectives and crowds. They put your image first, making it predictable, definitive, and unmistakable.


Benefits for Local Business-

The advantage of employing a freelancer lies in their accessibility. With remarkable stages like Fiverr, Upwork, Specialist, or LinkedIn, you can associate with top consultants independent of their area. The main issue with this way to deal with doing promoting lies in those individuals' versatility to your nearby crowds.


Whether you're an independent company or an establishment business that works globally, you really want build the best digital marketing strategy that reverberates with your nearby clients. Each part of your mission, from your site content and watchwords you focus to your web-based entertainment endeavors, necessities to carry worth to them.


This is where working with the best local digital marketing company can help. They can assist you with making amazing purchaser personas, do investigate for you, get you seen by the perfect individuals, and allow you to adjust your image resources and informing to those individuals' requirements.


Which Option is Better for You?

Obviously, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Both approaches require you to set clear goals ,if you want to solve some specific problems and stay within your budget, then hiring a freelancer may be a better choice for you. But, if you want to boost your entire digital marketing strategy and focus on brand building, then a digital marketing agency in Bhopal , India will bring you greater results.





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