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Would Technology Shape Different With Women Making Half Of Work Force?

Would Technology Shape Different With Women Making Half Of Work Force?

If you are a techie, you will be surprised to witness that in tech industry only 17% of ventured companies are founded by women and just 7% of partners at 100 top venture firms. Many attempts are being made to involve women into tech, yet we still are far from gender parity.

Give yourself a thought what would the world look like with men and women in equal numbers in the tech sector?

Recently  I was listening to an interview, of the leading tech giant in the world, Ms Indra Nooyi- Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Pepsi Co. She has always passed on a message to all the women out there and the companies who ensure to give women an equal platform based on their intellect;” The biological clock and career clock spin opposite each other and women should fight back instead of grumbling at it and create the space that they actually deserve”.

She truly is an idol example of a high spirited personality in the tech world making ways through her innovations and letting the world accept the fact that women can create not only the biological miracle but also set up the tech milestones in the similar way out.

Let us accept this fact that more female-led companies could change the social stigma of treating women in the society.

Talk about the sexual harassment related to Uber or the “Miami Letter”—it is quite clear that these could never be considered the safest platforms for women. As a result of the values shown in the company or their products, I truly believe that if more tech companies were led by women, it could create the revolutionary change to women being treated in the society.

Tech industries can create more refined products for women unlike using the stereotype colour- Pink. Free of gender and diverse perspectives with better products designed and marketed to women would create a better world with more diverse voices, products and services adaptable for everyone.

Well I’m already in the upstream swim to earn respect in the field as a woman in tech. Whether in a meeting room or writing an email or representing my company at any forum, I don’t want to be known as a “female founder webOdoctor” – rather I just want to be the founder.

The accomplishments gained by women in her career should not be gender biased . Let her work speak for her  unlike the usage of titles #Girlboss,  which actually dimishes the power that she carries with her in this society. If there is never a religious or racial description addressed on a job title , then why should designating a girlboss or mumpreneur would ever be okay.

A platform dedicated to empowerin women would have more products that actually solves everyones problems. Let us  cut an edge to the nature of trolling women  and get the benefits out of advances tech with women as leads , where undoubtedly there would be more protection for trolling and cyberbulling.



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