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The Webodoctor’s Office Of 2019- The Prediction’s For Future

The Webodoctor’s Office Of 2019- The Prediction’s For Future


We start the New Year as marketers by studying and understanding the ever changing tides of customer behaviour. To get ahead of the 2019 wave, we took a variety of insights into the key emerging themes. What do customers want from their brand relationships? What paves the way for continuous interactions? From customer expectations to engagement to advocacy, let’s take a look at where we see things going in the year ahead through the lenses of the best digital marketing company in India.


  1. Micro-moments create a macro Impact


According to eMarketer research, customers spend 3 hours and 35 minutes every day on their phones. In 2019, mobile devices outperform TV as the medium that mostly attracts the India. With real-time exploration and decision-making on mobile devices, marketers will concentrate on four key Google moments:

  1. I – want to – know moments
  2. I- want to – do moments
  3. I- want to –go moments
  4. I- want to – buy moments

Brands could drive more impacts by quickly providing customers with highly relevant products or content through the moments that matter.

  1. Personalization of Content Marketing


We saw huge developments in machine learning, voice search and content marketing in 2018. Some of these features converge in the year ahead— offering more personalized content based on browsing history, social media behaviour and past purchases. Instead of seeing content marketing as a development capability, seek to make it the core of all marketing. How can we be prepared?

 Nearly 30% of people in India use voice assistant with snack able amount of relevant content connected to keywords and search terms that helps garner a sale. Consider weaving more authentic conversational language into your inputs so that data-driven and content-based philosophies can be combined.


  1. A Deep Clean by CX

Expect a deeper focus on better embarkation to increase customer involvement, but what does it mean better? Today, many brands are attempting to capture every data point imaginable before the relationship is established in the way of customer engagement. Some brands even try to create adherence by overloading the user experience with as many features, advantages, content and actions as possible. The best digital marketing company in India or best development Company in India could focus more towards imparting ideas to clients on these categories.


  1. Scan More , Read Less

With increasing content and touchpoint overload, customers quickly became experts, within three seconds to be exact, to determine whether they are interested in reading more. They scan it, looking for relevant indicators. By concentrating the message and replying "why should I care? "more digestibly, brands can say more with less. Today, qualified marketers can manufacture content that has an impact... in the fewest possible terms and without losing brand personality. And consider us impressed if you've read this far.


  1. Lifestyle Brand- Healthcare

While the health sector has some of the strictest policies relating to personalized communication, these organizations have a unique opportunity to build relationships based on need versus desire. The key is to take advantage of their unique and highly personal data sets and develop relevant strategies based on the unique lifestyle of health care and wellness.


  1. Knock ….Knock .. Who’s There?



Consumers make more use of A.I. They realize that. Although only 33% believe they use A.I.-enabled technology, 77% actually use an A.I.-powered service or device, from thermostats to security cameras and voice assistants. These intelligent devices use Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to learn patterns of behavior and to predict and adjust.


There is convergence, as the technology becomes accessible to marketers of all sizes. This means that marketers can use A.I. Building better customer experiences in real time because it replaces the need for time-consuming A / B testing and data modeling. Seventy-two percent of business leaders said A.I. as a "business benefit "because they look to imprint the customer’s experience A.I knows how to achieve.


  1. Mobile Payments scaling down


In recent years, mobile payment technology has continued to mature, but there have been a number of obstacles to mass adoption. With Near Field Communication (NFC) payment technology, the number of mobile devices on the market has just begun to reach significant levels. From 2015 to 2018, the number of NFC-enabled mobile devices on the market increased by 243 percent, driven by customer demand.

As more devices capable of NFC payments continue to hit the market and merchants invest in updating their payment technology, 2019 is sure to be a year of significance for the world of mobile payments.


Watch for more brands to shift their strategies from a single program model to a hybrid of approaches– offering different levels of services, benefits and charges based on the level of customer engagement.



Everyone wants something. You feel better, have more impact and live a life that is more inspiring. There's no different brands. Since customers expect more from brands, they develop stronger links with those that have a deeper significance. In other words, connecting to the emotions of customers requires more than profit-driven companies that only promote their Corporate social responsibility.


In 2019, companies will work hard to create their brands with real, genuine purpose and transparency. Customers and staff alike are cheering.


Wishing you a great 2019 filled with purpose, micro moments and more fun with laughs that you truly deserve.



Lory Pattanaik





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