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The Story Of A Micro Startup To A Formative Company

The Story Of A Micro Startup To A Formative Company

I know you must be thinking about the word ‘Micro Start-Up.’ After a lot of push and pull to get a good title for our story, I came across this defined word ‘Micro Start-Up.’ 

Investments, plans, forecast and a lot of detail is worked upon when you take a step to become an entrepreneur. But what about those who become ‘Entrepreneur By Chance.’ No Investment, no plans, no forecast – just a pure thought to come out of some bad professional experiences with those companies who take employees for granted and run away with their salary and close the doors for them. The unwanted calls and the rat race to get a green signal to your ideas under the umbrella egoism of some classes made our story wrapped up in a box and put aside. 

Apologies: I don’t have any personal take to those doing jobs as each one has its own success story in their respective fields. My connect is only to those innocent humans who are working for months and years together for a special class awaiting their remuneration to be given on time and these breed’s fly away as smart escapists without taking a proper closure and settlement

As rightly said, when God closes one door, he opens another door of opportunities for you to explore your hidden capabilities. That is what exactly happened to four of us and the venture was formed out of the hidden possibilities. 

Ten years of hands-on experience in our fields and then walking apart from the stereotypical job world to an unconventional mode of operations MICRO STARTUP. You know why I call this a Micro Start-up because we never had any investors, neither pumped any huge amount to create this setup. We walked in the door to door, addressed client's concerns online related to branding, design, and development, and gradually started providing solutions with a firm belief to stay honest with our services. 

Team webOdoctor

This worked, and our revenue rolled from single-digit lakhs to double-digit lakhs. 

 For many successes focuses deep within. The charm of success is not just with numbers but the scale of happiness you get when you look back and see your journey with the smiles around you, your colleagues, and the whole team working as one unit.

Three Years of Hardship with numerous failures at first. Let us start with them one by one:

  • Miscount on timelines and budget
  • Less result oriented output.
  • Blind on the big picture
  • Lesser pace match with technology
  • Dropping in the development time
  • Failing to collect the payments

Why I tried to show all these because this is the reality of any start-up or business where at a point you feel so depressed, that you truly want to push your CV back into the market. 

But then remember you are again given the last ball to play either it’s a six or you get bold. So we thought to play this last ball and this time with complete strategic planning with all our mentality, psychology, and grit to accomplish the projects given to us. 

25.12.2019 Marching on with 200+ Projects Nationally and Globally with our footprints in Bhopal, Mumbai, and Seattle.

Money counts now, but most importantly what we value is our client and the quality of our services. Our even and odd battle trudged to taking risks and collaboration of ideas shaped up not just a company but a Formative one. 

Formative in terms of proper planning, execution, and exploration of the new trends in the market. We have efficiently built up our online presence and on our toes for clients across the world to make the experience a good factor. I had palpitation about the decision to set up this venture and with no Surname backed with us until the last ball we were given to play and we played it well.

That’s why I say – We are Entrepreneurs’ By Chance. 

But the chance we were given by our clients and audiences, we are on our foot to work for them and will continue to deep dive figure out all possible solutions for your brand.

Our association with government setups is just like the wind behind our back, creating a positive team about the prospects. 

Except for the drive to build a brand in Web Space, we had no other thought in our mind. A brand that anyone can rely upon including us.

Our establishment is growing every day, and contentment follows with it. Our story is not on the big channels but can relate and inspire a common man to take the calculative risk on the ground of their setback and play the last ball of hope to win and enjoy the claps.

Cheers !!!

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