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The Future Of Search Engines With The Evolution Of Technology

The Future Of Search Engines With The Evolution Of Technology

Every year there is a new set of predictions, hopes, and concerns as digital marketers looking to see where brands stand with the latest search engine trends and competitions.

Search gets relevant reflecting its worth with a few key data points:

  • 84% of people agree that the internet is the first choice for the masses to search for anything
  • 50% of these searches come through mobile
  • Nearly 3.4 million people get a new smartphone every day and this number will grow significantly with time.

These indicate that a decade-old content model will be discarded and the search engines will move away from directing visitors to the website and rather ask those questions directly. The year 2017 showed how search has evolved with voice search adapting to new cultural trends and new consumer behavior. But to keep an interesting note is that in future the search trend is going to be much more than just a voice search.


The advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and rise of mobile adoption have radically altered consumers' expectation and delivery of brands. So there are three key areas—Voice, Ubiquitous and Commerce.

These areas have their own similarities and difference for SEO’s to analyze, but it is also understood that the future will be pivoted under these segments-


Is inherently linked with big data; it’s the data that enables AI to function and for machine learning to transform the way we search. Humans are only capable of processing a limited amount of data, which is where AI comes in –to do things that humans can’t, or are inherently bad at doing. This is where AI in search is heading, gradually replacing and improving on tasks that humans cannot complete (or at least complete to high quality). We are looking to use the significant processing power of binary to our advantage. Already seen bots trying to write content and it was good enough to make it past the first round of screening for a national literary prize in Japan. While it’s not as good as something an experienced copywriter or journalist could manage, it’s just the beginning. In a few more years, bot-written content will probably be a very viable option for businesses looking to create content as part of an SEO campaign.


will make SEO smoother and quicker trying to push bots with more sentiments and emotional intelligence. We have already seen fake news across the web with recent times and the bots are not able to identify this as it takes careful human judgment. As long as this remains human will be an important part of any marketing or SEO campaigns. It is always a fear around spun content but automation will only serve to make SEO campaigns stronger and effective. They will have the capability to crunch huge amounts of data getting better at learning and creating an SEO strategy and campaign that is hyper-targeted at the right audience.


The future of search is integration across all devices and the Internet of Things. Search engines are already well on the way to being omnipresent. This is only set to continue growing, increasing in personalization and leveraging every ounce of data the search engines can obtain. Ultimately, we won’t have to work as hard at reaching people on multiple platforms, as it will mostly be done for us. But we will have to work harder to ensure that websites and content are optimized for all types of search, not just Google.


To Search Insider, mobile search and Siri has been the biggest catalyst for consumers changing the approach to search. The natural language questions and people have gotten to have immediate access to information, voice recognition increasingly driving search. Facebook has also announced that its new Graph Search is equipped with semantic search technology so that users can find the connections they want more easily, and SEO’s can achieve a more intuitive understanding of users’ preferences. Graph Search also enables far more accurate targeting of search marketing, since it can make new connections.



People who have used at least any kind of search engine have used it with a text interface. We are comfortable using it. Although it’s a bit more time taking, it’s more accurate when it comes to multiple languages. Also when it comes to voice search people have their own set of the comfort zone in which they prefer to use this feature. So, socially we are getting more used to voice but still, it hasn’t taken over text yet. But in 10 years we can expect widespread adoption of voice-controlled searches, as more people get used to it and more applications provide a voice-controlled interface.


These are just a few predictions for the future of search, which only scratch the surface of the possibilities. It’s an exciting time for search marketers, as any company that strives to be the best search engine optimization company in India looks to leverage new technology and big data to further enhance the campaigns we run for clients.

The future is bright, if not a little less human.

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