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The Biggest Challenges Startups Face During Mobile App Development

The Biggest Challenges Startups Face During Mobile App Development

With increasing smart phone usage in market, mobile app development is growing every year and has become a vital activity in the mobile app market with large number of app start-ups coming up. After the takeover on the entire market by app   giants like WhatsApp or Instagram , people must be wondering it to   be too easy to launch an app and make the user flock on it in millions. But the truth is one need to overcome lot of hurdles during its inception as a start-up working with them through various development phases. There are many start-up entrepreneurs who have stumbled over a lot of things during mobile app development. Read through these below mentioned list of common hurdles which may   help you overcome this pitfall and take a correct approach to building a perfect mobile app.


 There are over 3 million apps in the Google Play store and more than 2 million in Apples’ Play store. This overcrowded market is the proof that app start-ups face a stiff competition with the everyday launching sessions of new apps in the market.

Trigger your mind with few questions before stepping ahead to launch an app from your kitty.

  • Why your audience need this app?
  • What problem do you solve with this app?
  • Based on which factors will users recommend your app to others?

These factors basically help you understand the mindset of your target audience and help you overcome the challenges understanding their pain point.


The biggest challenge faced by any app start-up is to find out a perfect investor for the app since the minimum cost for building an app also become a huge liability for any start-up , since the company needs to float as well.

A team of four mobile app developers would require at least $35,000 per month towards their salaries and expenses. The app cost would become nearly $35,000 x times if the development duration is around 4 to 6 month. So until the app is successful and generates revenue for the company app start-ups need huge backing of money to go with the flow.

With many crowd-funding online platforms which connect investors and entrepreneurs make the best possible way to keep the funds rolling in. But nothing is possible without a proper strategy to overcome this obstacle even if you have the right investor to guide your business plan.


You need to pay keen attention to ensure that your mobile app is seamlessly working on all platforms with all the technical features like OS limitations, screen resolution etc. You may also require putting extra efforts to streamline iOS and Android platforms for your mobile app. This is only possible with a responsive app design framework where mobile app developers’ focus in curtain content, functionality and navigation offered on a native app experience and strive achieve the specific target in the given timeline.


Navigation appears to be very simple but this is the more important factor in app design and development, which may lead to negative reviews for the end users. With helpful instructions and tutorials, you may follow certain UI techniques that iOS and Android users are acquainted with and help the user learn the functionalities better and faster.


There are three vital elements to be considered during the initial mobile app development phases: Web Apps, Native App and Hybrid Apps. Each of them have various technologies and framework for the development- so never be carried away by other companies’ choice. Understand, analyse and execute then to develop a mobile app that reaches out to your target audience and generates revenue for your company.


Every start-up company in on a fast run to develop a bug-free app for its target audience. So, the major focus during this mobile app   development should be to consume less battery life and perform the task efficiently benefiting its users. App performance and battery consumptions should not be tested in the final touch round rather worked precisely during the initiation of the process.

So follow rigorous testing to ensure the final app take a great shape.


There is a stiff edge in competition- so even a great app without a perfect marketing strategy may get lost in the market. With big marketing budget, established user and good market experience of big mobile app development companies, start-ups have to face a tough competition. Thus they need to have a factual knowledge of app promotion, viral marketing and clear marketing strategy. Mobile app experts with good experience in marketing application can help you create an effective marketing plan and dive into the app market successfully.


To get a good mobile app discovery and higher ranks in search results app store optimization may help you in an effective way for your newly launched app. You may conduct a good marketing strategy to understand your audience behaviour and then find the right keywords to be used by your target audience to search your app. Everything requires a  good introduction- so create a good description for your app and mention the app features to attract many eyeballs.


Timing plays a very important role while you decide to   launch your app. Early launching before sorting on bugs may invite negative reviews. Waiting for the right time could make you lose the opportunity with the uniqueness of the app.

So invite more users to participate by consistently advocating alpha and beta testing . Analyse the user behaviour by asking them about their experiences with the app and its features and understand how well you may add or reduce the value of the app with their feedbacks.

Developing a mobile app can be a worth taking challenge for your business , but you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses while taking this interesting journey. Meticulous planning, healthy advice avoiding big mistakes can safeguard the mobile development app approach for your brand.

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