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The Best Version Of Digital Leadership Vs Digital Transformation

The Best Version Of Digital Leadership Vs Digital Transformation

Do you think leaders need to blend traditional and modern skills to effectively venture a successful organization with a futuristic goal?

To describe this new digital reality, people usually fall into two categories. One who cannot recollect the past and keep repeating it again and again. Others who possibly think what is about to happen are to happen and will be there for the first and the only time.

Here, there and everywhere you need to have an organization with a hardcore digital maturity with the best of talent and exploring the best out of them. Sometimes the rapid changes happening with the digital system can be disappointing – that it sometimes seems that the leadership handbook needs to be rewritten.

But is this true?

Or is there any sense of greater level of uncertainty causing the neglect of the essentials?

Well,  there are times when we will feel that the leadership challenges of the digital aura is more the same, but we are so alarmed by the threats that we focus more on what creates the difference.

The technology is really evolving but there are a lot of interesting things that is happening between the technology and the people together. But, have we really tried to analyze the challenges of digital transformation?

So the fact is we need to understand the kind of Leaders we need to manage this kind of digital process who ensure to go hand in hand with the system flow.  

Now, What is Digital Transformation?

Let us break these two words- ‘Digital’ and ‘Transformation’

When we say ‘Digital’ – it means 1’s and 0’s but this is really boring so to give it a creative touch let us understand it in a better way. Digital Technology allows us to take things and make them virtual. For instance: the smartphones we use help us almost cover every niche of our daily lives, like from banking to corporate works to tracking kid's status when they are away from us and ending us meeting our needs.

Now coming to the word ‘Transformation’ – is something which was more relevant in subjects like economics and sociology in describing the processes around us and trying to make life more simpler and easy. So when we describe a process called Digital Transformation, we talk about automating operations, people and the new business goals. But wrapped with the data analytics, technology and software, an organization needs good drivers. So the pivot to all of these is leadership and values. A good functional mind to understand what digital means for your company in terms of socio-economic status-quo with the ability to take calculative risk.

Every business undergoes a transformation process when it fails to evolve and that is the time you so-called leaders or as I say ‘Digital Leaders’ should function effectively.

Through research conducted by Director, Worldwide Digital Transformation Strategies – it is found that G2020 companies will have a fixed capital budget equal to 10 percent of their total revenue to fuel their digital strategies. This is going to be a long term investment for companies.

The most important factor in this digital transformation that will create the difference is to improve customer experience. So to embark on this all businesses and technology leaders must focus on a few important factors like- Customer experience, Operational agility, leadership, Enabled Workforce, and Digital Technology Integration.

Don’t worry much about the mainframe’s , servers, data centers, or networks or operations. This could very well be outsourced. You as an IT company or for that matter any business run to get hold of a bunch of customized solutions and create new capabilities that have never existed before. Try to create innovation inside a large enterprise because this will pay you for the rest of your organization’s life.

So don’t just be the admirer of the digital transformation, but be the little critique of how long and hard this digital transformation will go with the right digital leaders.

webOdoctor, one of the best digital agencies in Bhopal opens the door for all your inquisitiveness towards evolving as a digitally transformed organization and we ensure to become the right consultant for your business.

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