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Latest Trends In Mobile App Development For Any Business

Latest Trends In Mobile App Development For Any Business

Today we are all so magnetically connected with the Smart Phones that even waking up in the morning is called from the alarm setting of the mobile and no more on the conventional ‘Alarm Clock’. Research says adults of age beyond 25 use their smartphones more than 200 times a day and those below 25 use more than 300 times a day.

With the changing digital landscape and technology in the best of flow reaching out to millions of mobile app development services in India has become a need for any business. People no longer panic on budgets when it comes to creating a mobile app for their business on the best of technology. Yet, there are some folks who still take thought to get the best version in the least of investment. Looking after this requirement of the masses, webOdoctor, the best mobile app development company in India shares some brilliant options for you to hook on to this year as the latest trends in mobile app development.


Accelerated Mobile Pages ( AMP) – From the time Google has announced that there will be a separate search index for the mobile app, the trend has made a revolution especially from SEO and Web App point of view. Those web apps which are built on Google AMP get a faster load and less bounce rate in a larger number of benefiting publishers and creating more visibility.


AR & VR Show- In the upcoming year, AR & VR is going to boom much more than what it is right now. The revolutionary change in the gaming and entertainment industry is at its peak with such trends gaining popularity.


Artificial Intelligence in a row- There has been a 300% increase in Artificial intelligence investments by businesses this year. User's access to any brand has taken a leap through advanced analytics, machine learning techs, and powerful insights. Every business has tried to work diligently on customer needs and focused on practically providing them solutions with the use of AI-infused in their system.


Enterprise And Micro App- Where the enterprise app focuses on crucial business management, the micro-app takes care of targeted operation and takes less load. As an Abode Study reveals, 70% of business owners take interest in Enterprise App through which their team can also collaborate further.


Security is the Primary Goal- Most mobile apps will not pass the security goals and thus with aging time hackers will keep working on exploiting security gaps in mobile apps which is counted as one of the negative mobile app development trends. However, JavaScript Framework will develop a scalable and secure platform in the future.


M-Commerce Practise- Instead of using Credit/Debit Cards customers are preferring to make a purchase via GPay which is pushing the M-Commerce practice in the market. With time the wearable devices and payment facility m-commerce is gaining customer loyalty.


Location-based Search- Integrated location-based search is coming more to picture preventing Wi-Fi-based usage rising beyond traditional requirements with relevant location-based information.


Blockchain Application in Mobile App- This is a game-changer helping many startups to create their own blockchain apps, smart contracts, and software solutions. The union with the Internet of Things (IoT) has improved transaction speed with a decrease in development cost. The mobile app developers can now find a better way to link their apps to a cloud-enabled backend space.


Instant App for Mobile App Development- Without visiting play stores, this is the best way businesses find as it helps iOS and Android App Developers come out with a better conversion rate. They are smaller in size with basic website functionalities, consume less space and do not need to be downloaded or installed on your Android or iOS phones.


IoT Trends in Space
To take an intuitive control of different non-IT equipment, mobile app developers have IoT Investment as a viable platform for app development.
Android Ubidots, Xively, Thingworx are few platforms for app development that help you segregate product and services, support optimization of business, improve overall user experience, and helps you build and identify new revenue channels.
Finally, what you need to do is create a great strategy with the best mobile app development company in India and process the plan of execution for your mobile app to stand out in the competitive space.

There might be a bit difficult turn for businesses to understand the exact benefits of the above latest trends on mobile app development, in that case, try to get connected with the experts of the industry to give you a better road map.

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