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How Much Will It Cost You To Make Pubg App Development?

How Much Will It Cost You To Make Pubg App Development?

Everything is based on technology so that we follow the market trends with utmost devotion. Various reasons have been the crucial factors to turn a working environment to a high tech environment. 

The Internet is such a mandatory thing in our daily lives that we spend most of our time searching for answers to our queries. People are more inclined towards making the best use of mobile app development services in India to make products that drive good revenue for them anywhere, anytime. One of the most distinct evolution to this is the mobile game app development service in India.

Mobile app revenue brought 69.7 billion USD in the year 2015, which is expected to rise to an amount of 188. 9 billion USD in the year 2020. The Internet has reduced so much of workload with its capability to store information where one can get all the data in a click. 

Mobile games are the masses' new friend with a perfect cure for the dullness in your lives. One of the mobile games PUBG is a great feature-based business model for any owner. It has come up with top-rated games with amazing graphics and multi-level challenges. Inspired by PUBG, webodoctor the best mobile app development company in Bhopal, has created platforms for such games with incredible advancement with advanced technologies. The market explosive technological advancement has got various opportunities for the Gaming world that fetches money for any player. Mobile App developers are now banging the best app development service in India for such a segment of the business.


Technologies- Java, Python, Pearl 6,  Unreal Engine4

Multiple platforms to be taken into consideration to build the best mobile app development products. Here are a few-

  • Type of Application
  • Platform
  • Features
  • Graphics

These components are the critical aspect of the overall cost development for an app like PUBG.  To make an active game development, hire webOdoctor the best app development company in India with a team of professional mobile app developers.

  • STRATEGY- Take a unique approach to online game development. Evaluate the pros and cons and how to check on its feasibility and make the app engaging. Learn to make a plan A and B model to keep pace with the trend that steps in with time. Make the app developers to be adaptable to the changes and figure out a model to generate revenue for the makers.
  • LAUNCH- Take a unique launching way to get the product reach the right target audience. Test and monitor the platform while keeping the target audience in mind. This methodology can turn out to be an excellent mode of revenue generation for players who desire to achieve their business goals.
  • PLAN MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT- The best thing to plan is to write down your thought and take an attempt to figure out the best way together. No plot, no story but only jumping and shooting is what PUBG is all about. To create a unique USP for the mobile app game development service that you offer your consumers.
  • CONCEPT OF GAME – The primary thing that will keep the user on your platform is the concept of the game. Interesting multi-level challenges, in-app rewards, exciting modes of challenge and high-quality AV effects will boost the players' interest in the game. 
  • MOBILE OS and MONETIZATION- The app developers should be aware of the facts and the recent trends in the business that can target the mass audience regularly. The most important fact is to design a great revenue model and decide if you want to make the user play free of cost or they need to pay for every step. All these decisions help you to stand at the competitive edge of the market. 


Without copying the ideas, better brainstorm the USP’s. Now-a-days players can share a review of the game app on any social sharing platform which can help you gain popularity and audience. So take the right step and decide in the right way. The development of any game depends on gameplay, design, and weapons and requires extensive efforts by the best app developers in India to take a good amount of time (6 months -1 year) to design and develop such products. Estimating the exact cost of best mobile app development is difficult but this game may cost you between $40K to $50K range. 


Meticulous planning, technical support, and advanced features help you're to attract a mass audience. If you want to get the best mobile app development service in India, connect with webOdoctor who can help you launch a good business model. Our team of best app developers in India, make efforts to understand and enhance the game concept with rich UI / UX design and high graphics effect. 

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