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Give Your Business The Best White Label Solution In India

Give Your Business The Best White Label Solution In India

Why to waste time in creating a new product from  scratch ,  when you can buy one, resell it and brand it too?
Learn the benefits without putting much hard work.


White Labeling!

A product or service can be rebranded and resold at your own is what defines the best white label solutions.

This is how it works: Company A creates a product. Company B purchases that product, puts its own branding on it, and sells it as if it were its own to begin with. There are no remaining tell-tale signs that might point to Company A at all.

White label has been there in market for a long time but what is  important is how it functions and what quality is has for reselling. For years, brick-and-mortar stores like Walmart have been buying products from other companies and relabeling them under their own Great Value brand. A classic example of what a white label is.

5 Reasons to Opt in White Label Solution

  1. Saves Time and Money- Developing a whole new solution is costly. A separate team needs to be assigned for the  testing and maintenance of white label services and for sure the team will have its own fund to make it happen.
  2. Expand the product offering- With White Label Solution you can offer products of any range, in a much faster way without wasting your resource time. Such products will bring with it new people as more products mean a better competitive advantage and increased customer base.
  3. Quick Route to Market-A company that keeps launching new products and makes changes in their existing products considering user behavior will always be on top. It is a test against time since you must ensure that you bring something new to the table before your competitors do. Don't get bogged down trying to create custom solutions on your own. Save yourself the trouble and simply launch a white label product. This way, you can keep adding more tools and services in the blink of an eye.
  4. Low Risk and High Credibility- When you get engaged in developing solutions from scratch there are lot of possibilities to have too much risk. Going for solutions that are already tried and tested is always a wiser action and much recommended. Just ask the solution-providing company for help, and your problems will be fixed immediately.
  5. Focus on what matters- It isn’t a smart move to stretch your resources over something that doesn’t fit their competencies.  Instead of shifting your focus,  think about whether a white label solution is better suited to reach your goals.


White Label Solution lets company do what they are good at

When a business focuses in providing tailored solution , they do not have sufficient knowledge. Customized White Label technology solutions are ready to go and has the capability to generate more income immediately.

Types of White Label Solutions from best Sports White Label Solution providers in India

  1. Digital Agency White Label Solution- When a digital marketing agency offers a white label solution the focus is always on the creative services and promotional offerings on one side.

        How can such services be white-labeled?

     A white-labeled digital agency is a company that provides outsourced marketing         services. So instead of dealing with the task themselves, Company A outsources the task to Company B. Company B solves the job and sends it back to Company A, who then resells it to the client under their own name.

  1. Email and Landing Page Builder White Label Solution- These are the White Label Solutions that can also embed for your own company to use and take the benefit. A white Label email and landing page builder is an example of blank canvas  that you can embed into your application  add your branding and then sell to your client.
  2. Ecommerce White Label Solution- Every company now a day whether big or small is now interested to move into ecommerce business. But the only thing is they either don’t have much budget or time to buy so what we as the best white label solution providers in Bhopal, India offer is white label online stores under your own brand and with meticulous attention. This way the white label sources operates and manages your entire Ecommerce operation on your behalf.
  3. Live Chat White Label Solutions- Live Chat tools are another example for White Label Solutions that most companies look for and purchase from third party. webOdoctor offers the best white label solutions and solves this problem for you too in the most cost effective way.
  4. Social Media Marketing White Label Solution-White Label social media marketing means all the relevant content creation and platform management is outsourced to another company. And your client won't know who the solutions are really coming from because it's all presented as your own. Social media marketing solutions can either take the agency route or be an app that enables clients to manage all their social profiles from a single source of truth. Depending on your requirement, you can find either kind of a white label solution.
  5. Sports White Label Solution- Choose your fully managed White Label Sports product for multiple sports like cricket, football, tennis and much more. With our white label solution you get a fully scaled website with live scores and stats for one or multiple sports , bonusing, payment, risk management, player management and other practicalities. Pick the sports your audience loves and you get the white label solution from our end.

Is White Label Legal?

100% Legal way of conducting business.  However, a buyer of White Label may be worth bearing  while more companies will be transparent in their communication.  Still no one can guarantee that you will know everything that a product has been through during the process of development. Many companies avoid these hiccups and thus hire testers so that they can get through these obstacles. White Label and Private Labeling is almost same.

Closing Notes-

Well, sorry to disappoint, White Labeling is obviously not a fix-it-all solution to a bad product. However it can be a fantastic way to build your business which definitely can help you in a long way but it’s very important to know how you use it.

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