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Does An Ecommerce Website Need A Mobile App?

Does An Ecommerce Website Need A Mobile App?

The advancement in mobile app development has encouraged a surge in mobile commerce business seniority. Mobile app department is growing in a faster pace in the retail section, which totally depends on immediate processing.

People spend more time in their smart phones and retailer are more inclined towards the mobile preference.Thus it is a win win situation for the retailers and take up mobile apps to leverage their brands in this creative opportunity immediate personalized shopping experience. With this retailers can grow their mobile features and app analytics in depth to intuitively understand the user behaviour  of  their customers.


In retail business the m-commerce shows no indication of slowing.  According to a research, 88% respondents use retail apps and 61 % are active users of a month. The e-commerce market in US  is getting doubled to 45% in case of mobile percentage online spending.

In any case whether you modify your existing website and make  it mobile responsive or develop a  new brand on the e-commerce platform , it is very crucial  for the retailers to provide their customers with a more personalized shopping platform.


If you want to hand over the complete digital forefronts in the hands of your customers make a more responsive ecommerce website. Users want a  level of quality and functionality ,thus it is recommended to build a mobile responsive site with is less time consuming.

There are many retailers who still demand to comeup with a more unified mobile experience with their existing business strategies- focusing on the development of major areas like waving of the frustration of buyers’ when they get into mobile site navigation.

Many M-commerce agencies fail when their users face with performance or usability issues. When it comes to load time, small images, lack  of information and network availability users face too much of problem to complete a purchase.

Consumers are too tech friendly now and are demanding more personal, consumer conscious shopping experience from retailers.  The most lucrative resource as a digital store front or you may say as a measuring tool to track and improve online shopping experience for consumers is non other than Mobile App.

WebOdoctor ,the best mobile app development company in Bhopal has offered a profitable mobile app platform for all the retailers who have taken a firm collaboration with our brand. It is necessary for retailers to take into account the profitability of mobile app for their business . Webodoctor helps decide the decision making processs in adapting a mobile app for your ecommerce business and climb the ladder of success.


The mobile sites tap into GPS features and camera access and dramatically enhance satisfaction by adding a convenience factor to the user’s shopping experience. Apple Pay and Android Pay extensions also complement the user experience by improving functionality.

Recognizing this specific shopping pattern, GPS innovations need aid favorable element for retailers. For GPS, organizations could participate consumers to drive in-store offers for geofencing strategies. For example, an app can brief clients over those closest brick-and-mortar area dependent upon their present position. Clients might additionally get location-specific data something like deals and result accessibility.

Versatile applications might also do a few pretty astounding things for Polaroid entry. Increased actuality (AR) will be taking those retail universe by compel for applications like Ikea Place, sampler by Converse, Sephora Virtual Artist, Furthermore GAP’s DressingRoom. With AR, clients could preview how furniture will in their home and determine the cosmetics that could match their skin tone.Furthermore they can actually see the thing that outfit suits their body sort.

Retail applications try approach past item symbolism flawlessly bundled on an portable web holder. The point when applications utilize smartphone offers successfully they offer an interesting furthermore select shopping encounter. The truth is, buyers need right with an unreasonable measure from claiming retail products, and with in this way a number options, personalization may be getting to be a urgent differentiator around brands.


Information gathering is innate of the advanced business biological community. Enter any advanced trade stage and the framework enters client with purchasing history, scanning patterns, demographic profiles, personage inclination around other identifiers. Concerning illustration innovation progresses, information gathering will dramatically enhance those production from claiming individual-level portraits from claiming acquiring behavior, bringing about enhanced, ongoing reactions on path-to-purchase variances through personalization.

Counterfeit consciousness (AI) What's more machine taking in (ML) would quickly transforming those retail scene as far as information mining and customize knowledge. These advances underwrite on the consumer’s inclination for natural encounters. Keen applications empower retailers for those engineering organization with identity test result furthermore stock to a consumer’s evolving inclination. Moreover, retailers can power relevant showcasing strategies as it were that is both applicable and more important of the customer.


Around 2.5 billion people in this world use social media and this is really effective to generate a grand exposure for your business. The social media installations are proven to increase functionalities and performance of app. With this you can link the content with many social media channels. With Webodoctor, the best social media marketing company in Bhopal you can build a diversified platform with social media integrations and produce the best results to apps’ configuration.  


Build an App that invites users to register with social media accounts which is a key factor to improve the user experience simplifying the login process and reduce the abandonment rates.


Shoppers don’t support brands without verifying their digital presence. With mobile app being too deep rooted in consumers life , the chances of building loyal   consumers will increase if you give them an interactive platform in a digital environment.

So if you want to take your retail store across the globe, build a mobile app for your ecommerce business with the best mobile app development company in Bhopal.  




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