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Diwali Celebration: Gone Digital And Beyond

Diwali Celebration: Gone Digital And Beyond

We are a country that takes pride in celebrating our culture and heritage. So when it is about enlightening our lives with good vibes, how can we skip on – Diwali. Each of us enjoys the immense festive fervor with fun and cheer and of course shopping.

It all started with the tradition of the people of Lord Rama’s Kingdom to honor and rejoice the homecoming of their king after having completed 14 years in exile. This ‘Pratha’ is followed even today in India and abroad where the Indian heart and soul live in, with decorating their homes and public spaces with ‘diyas’ to mark the victory of good over evil. A time to judge the impartiality and get rid of darkness and negativity that dwells within and around.

The origin of any festival is shrouded in mystery, myth, and legends. Whether it is the connection with the victory of Lord Krishna over Narakasura or Lord Rama’s return, Diwali is embraced beautifully around the world.

But this time let us walk a step forward- People have now started becoming more conscious during their celebration and with the venture of digital landscape right from eCard to wish family and friends, downloading Diwali related apps to know the process of performing puja rituals, its amazing to watch people using technology to reach out to their friends in this Diwali Fervor. Mostly with the use of best mobile apps or mobile technology, people have started taking generic emoji-like Footprint to imbibe a deep cultural meaning to it.

70% of people have started making the most of all their Diwali related purchases through various e-commerce mobile app development technology platforms. Opting from Diwali themed filters in Instagram to virtual gift sharing, digital has left no space untouched.


Diwali replaces ignorance with knowledge, banishes darkness with light, and fills spirituality within every heart.

To welcome Maa Laxshmi with natural bright colors, Rangolis play a great role.

New Accounts, New Year and New Businesses with good vibes filled in the air. Diwali marks the beginning of the New Hindu Financial Year. So for all Businesses, make the best use of this gala time moving further with some innovating marketing campaigns, social media marketing strategies and campaigns with the best digital marketing company in India.

This is the only day when Gambling ( In Today’s Time better known as Sports Betting or Fantasy Sports Betting Exchange) and Card games are considered auspicious as they have sprung from legends and thus played everywhere.

Although it is considered that noise and light from crackers herald the defeat of the evil, but folks we are now in the 21st century so please respect this tradition as Indian tradition and dharma has always adored and worshipped the Motherland as superior to all Gods and Goddesses and the Heaven and as Lord Rama quoted “Janani Janmabhoomischa Swargadapi Gariyasi”- Nothing can be holier to us than this Land.

So this time let’s enjoy the festival in a safe and subtle way and keep our environment clean- Say no to Crackers!

Lory Pattanaik, Prateek Gurjar, Gajendra Patel and Paritosh Pandey: Founders of webOdoctor want to share ‘ We started with a dream and our journey so far has been beautiful. This story would be incomplete without our Team of Clients, Employees and Well –Wishers.

This is a mark of another New Beginning, let’s join together and celebrate the splendor of Diwali.

Happiness in Air! Happy Diwali!


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