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Best E-commerce Development Mantras For 2022

Best E-commerce Development Mantras For 2022


There are dozens of metrics to track the performance of your E-Commerce store. Sometimes you fail to keep the track of the numbers and how to figure’s in the picture of your business success. Growing your store ,the focus is needed in two areas:

  • The right KPI and measuring/ tracking the relative metrics.
  • Have a proper analytic system to measure all the metrics.

You need a vital e-commerce metrics in each stage of the sales funnel of your business and customer lifecycle.To get the best ecommerce development for your business , extend your ideas beyond the box.

Discovery, Consideration,  Revenue, Retention ,and Advocacy are different stages of e-commerce sales funnel.                                                             

If you’re a seasoned E-Commerce veteran, there are five metrics that can quickly help you to get a clear picture of where you are and where you are going to be.   Our world is changing. Ecommerce will only get bigger and better as the year moves on. New technologies will help it achieve that. The coronavirus has changed things all over the world, and it’s expected that buying behavior is likely to boom. Even now, more and more people prefer buying things online because they are not willing to step out and risk exposure to new variants.


Gross Margin

Revenue being the bottom line, one has to keep an eye on the gross margin or the difference between revenue and cost of goods sold. This is important as you need to reinvest profits for growth in the next year.

The key question is : How many people are aware of the product or brand?

So at the top of the funnel lies ‘Product Discovery’

Here comes Brand Name Search- where people search your brand using metrics like Google Adwords, Google Search Console & Google Keyword Planner.


Conversion Rate

The concept behind this is visitors converted into buyers. Conversion isn’t always limited to topline website traffic, thus evaluation from different sources must be done like advertising, e-mail campaigns and promotions to understand what is most effective in driving sales and plan accordingly.

The key impression metrics need to be activated for this. Facebook reach metric is different from impressions as it may include multiple views of your ads by the same people. For views, YouTube and other Video hosting platforms play a major role. In Adwords pay attention to Search Impression and Display Impression share.

Apart from this, an idea on a monthly basis on the number of times your website was served on Google Organic search result giving good KPI for overall reach is the work of Google Search Console.


Subscriber Growth Rate

The use of email marketing to spread news of special product exploring ways to expand your audience  via multimedia , Pinterest or other targeted platforms. The count of monthly readers and email list and make a research for engagement of audience in other social media platforms is a must.

Value per Visit is the data point which helps you understand the value of each visitor. This helps in guiding decisions around advertising and in calculating returns on your marketing investments.


E-Commerce metrics at Consideration stage

Down in the funnel comes a point where the focus needs to be on convincing potential and existing customers to engage with your brand. Here comes the tracking and analyzing metrics to inbound traffic to your store, email and social media engagement. On-site traffic is the key performance indicators which establish the easiest way of measurement to your website. To measure the appropriate data for your website, you need to understand the policies of best ecommerce development services in your locality.

Email marketing metrics with growth rate, bounce rate, open rate, click through rate and conversion rate are the top engagement KPI’s that your email marketing team may adopt for business success.

Social Media Engagement metrics: like, share, comments and clicks per post have engaged KPI’s on a monthly basis.


E-Commerce metrics at conversion stage

Tracking sales and revenue is regularly is a standard procedure for any business. Tracking e-commerce businesses with more advanced KPI’s at the behavioral level takes the system to the next sphere. Micro-conversions with Email collection and ordering samples are the pre-determined steps that occur before a sale. E-commerce team should keep an eye to track the relationship between micro to macro conversion ratio by testing and optimizing email communication improving the sample-to-order ratio.

Number of Transactions, Average Order value, Sales Data, Conversion rate, Number of visits, Customer Acquisition cost are some of the critical business metrics to measure the effectiveness of paid measures.


E-commerce metrics at Retention stage

The key loyalty metrics that you can use as primary KPI’s to evaluate how to retain customers in business. Repeat purchase rates, purchase frequency, Order gap analysis measure customer retention starting from point to understanding an improving customer loyalty.

Along with this Average Customer lifetime value, followed by metrics like average order value, purchase frequency and time period guides your business.

How long customer will shop with us is the exact question that you should dig your mind with.


E-commerce metrics at the Advocacy stage

The reason existing customers will want to recommend your brand comes from the customer experience. A good customer experience is more of a lead to recommendations. Net promo score(NPS) measures how a customer recommends your brand. The target is to make average NPS across all customers to the optimum possible. Customer satisfaction gauge to be tracked and segmented monthly.

Summarizing all the above metrics together on a single spreadsheet is an effective means of running a data-driven e-commerce business. With these, you get all the insights into what’s working and clear vision on any opportunities for improvement. webOdoctor, the best ecommerce development company in Bhopal intends to not just provide a hassle free platform for its customers but also stand as a consultant to guide you create the most effective base for your business.

Let me take you to  some biggest E-commerce trends –

  1. AI that increases the online presence of ecommerce sale.
  2. Growth in voice search
  3. AI shop learns about shoppers
  4. Personalized experience
  5. Improved chatbots with good customer experience
  6. Mobile shopping to move.
  7. Customer response to videos
  8. Latest subscription packages
  9. Good digital services for conversion that helps you generate the sales.
  10. B2B immense growth and evolution.

Deciding if a trend can help you generate business then follow the same trend and go in sync with it. Lets do it together with best ecommerce digital marketing companies in India.

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