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A Balance Between Technology And Management

A Balance Between Technology And Management

Technology is helping us to see things which are not visible. How this huge phenomenon can be brought to our comprehension. webOdoctor, the best Product Development Company in Bhopal is on the verge of working on this idea of Zero Distance on a different dimension of it. Often, people wonder why do enterprise stagnate and usually we hire consultants to get it despite being charged high and thus concluding that the middle management is broken. It’s always the poor middle management is well cognitive with the fact that as an organisation grows certain parts of this increase their distance; minimizing the distance we have between ourselves and what we wish to see in reality/potential.

Quoting on that part on the Amplification on which helps us get closer to our technology and of what we are capable of doing. Thomas Edison used to say that if we could do even half of what we are capable at, things would have been easier to achieve, and this is precisely what the case is.

Zero Distance on our potential in particular to things Automation, Innovation & Education that is in fact helping us get there.

We have integrated some of such features evolving with Innovation in respective domains of Product Development. To learn more about it, read more @ WEBODOCTOR INFUSING INTELLIGENCE INTO E-COMMERCE

webOdoctor, the best Website Design and Development Company in Bhopal is undergoing significant growth since inception and renewed the confidence from all employees working in different dimensions. webOdoctor is extremely thankful to one and all for the support but it also increases the burden of responsibilities to ensure that we are doing the right things for you. It's not always that financial performance will always be the goal in itself, rather the footprints we leave behind the journey that we take and hopefully the journey is a fun & a purposeful one revealing that we not only got to some fruitful results but had fun along the way.

As the top  IT Services Company in Bhopal, we have been working on some many key areas like breakthrough innovation in particular in grass root innovation. The flaw in this is not that we just have few people working in a division of different labs and rest are into a glue some state. It’s just that why each one of us can’t be a part of this innovation. While we’ve been working on breakthrough innovation and grass root innovation. In every project that we do we do something innovative. To do that on a handful project is fine but to master them on every project is a big challenge.

The work on software is something that we are doing. We have adopted  Design thinking which is a methodology that helps us groom our creativity in a more organized way- to help us ask questions like the idea set by David Kelly the idea of confidence –why, how, when & What next.

John Mecarsi the father of AI used to say that articulating a problem is the major goal. We don’t find much time in framing a problem. We have started covering employees in design thinking. A day-long workshop will not turn you into a design thinker but certainly will convert you into a person to imagine probably what things were when you were  8 years old and will help you ask the question.

That is the world the way it is why not like this?

Is Artificial Intelligence going to take our jobs, replacing our brains? We don’t educate our brains we fear of such things that we don’t understand. 

The way we see Big Data and Artificial Intelligence spin round the corner of healthcare and pharma makes us believe in the new generation of Innovation techniques, driving us all to a sphere of rethinking and conceptualization.



Creating management training along with a culture of innovation and enabling the power of education is what we aim for.  

Three main themes around us “the rate of change is the fastest then it has been and slowest as it will ever be”. It’s hard to capture in a nutshell. A pervasive interest in delivering end users need and living in times will is getting easier with time.

When we look at supply n demand we realize several layers and add values and effect is we end up in pricing n lack of transparency. In the world of bits, we replace this with zero distance. This is reality.

We are executing on the renewal of business on a common foundation of culture. Being better in what we actually do in a different manner. Culture is staying true. The core matrix that we develop here is that a person needs to do the thing only ones unless it’s a requirement and this refueling has to be powered by education.

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