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8 Secrets To Boost Your Sales Through Best Digital Marketing Services

8 Secrets To Boost Your Sales Through Best Digital Marketing Services

Big brands are able to push their sales through the best methods like SEO Services, PPC Campaigns, and Digital Marketing. But in the same way, other brands are not able to reach the peak even though they apply the same methods. Why and How?

So there are a few tricks that we must all learn about implementing the best SEO Service strategies or PPC Campaigns or Social Media Marketing Services. Not just blinding posting content or investing in ads can help us boost sales. If this was the way any ordinary man could do that, then why was there a requirement for the best digital marketing agencies in India. 


Let me start with Paid Advertisements and Digital Marketing first and these go hand in hand– 

When you set up your brand for any Paid Ad Campaign focus on these few things. Well, you already must be know most of them but surely must not have implemented them to push your sales. 

Here are these:

  • Focus most of your Ads spent on seasonal opportunities. In the Indian market boost up more during festive times like Ram Navami, Rain Offers, Independence Day Sale, Durga Puja, Diwali, and final the New Year Sales. 
  • Avoid spending too much Ad budget at the beginning or end of each quarter. Research, analyze and pace your learning to understand how much to spend and where to spend. Any big brand that you read about never spends in a wholesome way.  The goals are clear and to reach there it is a milestone-based process with pure consistency and taking the best of PPC Campaign services in India. This helps the ad campaign to run better rather than performing on and off every time. Each time we continue with this on and off process it’s a pain to do and reduction in ROI.
  • Plan months before you take the seasonal opportunities. This is where we go wrong and think that our last-minute strategy will work and thus land up in a big loss. Big Brands plan months before any seasonal opportunities and they start running offers and the result is commendable.
  • Optimize for mobile sales. In 2021,  it is observed that mobile sales are supposed to enhance business by 73% if properly optimized. A website that is responsive and a mobile app that is highly optimized will definitely help you boost your business sales.  Things should be at one click and BOOM. Any e-commerce website if you are a fan of it, just question yourself why do you like to visit the site. Maybe because it’s easy to use, fast and responsive. That’s where the secret is!
  • If you are using longer content, break them into paragraphs and make sure they include CTA and media 
  • A/B Testing to be done for everything- Ads, Ad text, Ad audience, Add-to-cart button, product images.  Big companies test everything and they constantly do it every time. Remember one thing that’s the keynote, Big companies keep testing till they are the winner and even after that they don’t sit idle with the same strategies, they keep testing the winner too because sometimes market conditions change.
  • Use Google Smart Shop Marketplace where your products will get ranked and it is the best place to get maximum conversion rates.
  • Leverage marketplace and their ad platform like even with Facebook dynamic Ads which automates the process to show relevant products.



Fairly after getting through these details let me take you to the heart of all these marketing tactics- best SEO and Content Services

Sometimes it happens that we always claim to have written good content but it fails due to Google Algorithm updates. Have we ever questioned ourselves why this happens and how to overcome such technical challenges? For this here are a few secrets to learn and get things possible:

  1. Last, when did you get a traffic high or low on your website? ... It's not about writing content to get traffic but helping people solve their problems. Using tools like Ubersuggest and others can help you research keywords but only by stuffing keywords, your content cannot rank. You need to act like a guide to your audience.
  2. Spend 40% of your time to get the right headline. Only 2 out of 10 people will click to read your article and most people only check through headlines. That’s the talent of writing amazing words as headlines. The headlines should be evoking curiosity to read the article. Had taglines, Gifs, and other attractive images. Now it’s not about writing words only, the facts should be correct too. 
  3. Anchor your main topic through the keyword that has the highest search volume.  Like if you are writing about an SEO article, use keywords that are anchoring to it like on-page SEO, the Load time for SEO, etc.
  4. If you are working on content writing for SEO or SEO for eCommerce business understand the consumer or readers well and reach them through the keywords.  Take the main keyword and make sure that compliments the other keywords and really you will get the difference.
  5. When it’s about SEO Content writing services make sure you build your content outline as to what is working for your competitors with relevant keywords. 
  6. The moment you sit down to write something, make sure that you research well on the topic and search it to see other posts on Google and their ranks on the top in order to see the style of their writing. If that’s not all go down to pages 3 and 4 to see how they rank and then you can emulate them which never means to copy them but to go above and beyond them.  Sometimes they may be missing points or any updates that you can add those latest things to get a better rank and take advantage of.
  7. Remember people always want to use their time in the best of ways and for that matter if it's about writing the entire article which they end up saying, “ Wow! That’s a lovely article and so useful ”; you get the price of writing and that’s the best recognition.
  8. When you are using optimization or internal linking please make sure you interlink the content to other relevant content. Go for internal links that make sense and increase the worth of your content and SEO rankings in the best search engines.


Here were all the secret 8 keys to the relevant strategies of SEO, PPC, and Digital Marketing, but as the best digital marketing agency in India, we believe there is more to marketing.  

There is no better than a BLACK FRIDAY to boost your sales.

  1.  Take a note of it: To match high customer needs businesses ramp up using this technique of Black Friday. If you are in an eCommerce business and you are not sure about how to boost your sales make a special clearance with the same offered discount on Friday.
  2. Make an Ad Campaign and use words like “BLACK FRIDAY SALE -40% off”. There you go with a good goodie bunch for your consumers. ... New offer is every two hours and with such punch lines, striking visuals, animations, etc.
  3. Research the Black Friday platform beforehand and make the best use of it.
  4. Now again rewind a few facts and queries :
    Do you want your Black Friday to be visually engaging?
    How do you hold on to your audience via engaging text?
    Do you create Ad campaigns for both text ads and images?
  5. Just don’t stick yourself with one Black Friday. Make it engaging for the audience and interrelate it to CYBER MONDAYS or any other days of the week as a CASH ROLL OUT or offer. This will keep your audience stay in touch with your brand. 
  6. Go ahead with some customer feedback with some surveys and keep experimenting with different wordings to see what resonates with the audience the best.
  7. Make a wide selection of targeting and retargeting options so that you can bridge the gap of customers. Don’t waste too much money so go with the proper method of targeting and retargeting to appeal to buyers.
  8. Next is to understand the process and reason if people are abandoning the process or changing away.
  9. Sometimes customers want to buy but they want to check out competitors’ products and discounts. There either they win or you win. So take steps carefully and make exciting deals for your customers.

Now the fact is SEO is all about maximizing the biggest opportunities. It’s the content that currently occupies the position and SEO ranking factors that hit the bull’s eye. So one needs to optimize and measure the attributes of the SEO Ranking factors and monitor the existing content ranking to see where the position of the website is and where it can leverage in the future. 


 The manual methods of marketing mix mean they reach a point of diminishing returns especially with insights and time-saving efforts that webOdoctor platform brings up for you to make the choice as per your budget.  Well, we don’t force you to go with us, we just advise you to take the best strategy from any leading digital marketing agencies in India and your graph high. Any PPC and organic channel go hand in hand and will help you get tangible results. Like any other SEO Expert track your results with competitive efforts. Look for improvements each time and see that they don’t drop. If that happens then read the above 8 Secrets to boost sales with the best DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES and implement it right away.

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