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5 Metrics To Increase App Engagement

5 Metrics To Increase App Engagement

The faster you jump into mobile app, better is your business success rate. But how do you drive users towards your app? The high download rates mean nothing without active users. Mobile app engagement and retention are two key metrics to get a genuine insight into the success of your application.

Low app engagement results failure, while high app engagement equals the opposite. Users having 10+ sessions per month describe Engagement; however users who return to the app within 3 months of   their first session are defined to a fairly subjective term Retention. An app’s stickiness is determined with the average of the above two. The main objective is to keep user engaged which ensure a good conversion rates and monetization.


To get best user engagement and user retention rate is difficult , although there  has been slight improvements since 2015. If you open an app once in 7days , 60% chances are there not to open again with a reality that app developers are against the competitive edge giving users multiple choice.

  1. Easier Onboard Process

It becomes to use an app in many stages with confusing features which abandons the users. The user experience is no exception with the first impression being imperative. The user lifetime value is increase upto 500% with this effective onboarding.

Learn few  intuitive frictionless app onboarding process-

  • Easy Logins and account creation
  • Minimize overloading users with get-go. Offer features and functionalities education.
  • Teach actions needed in app experiences.
  1. Push Notification

This has increased user retension from 56% to 180%, where users have opted to receive notification exhibit 88% higher app engagement. This helps remind users that they have downloaded your app  and help you fight a competitive edge. If this is implemented effectively , this could encourage target messaging based on behavioural data . This also  provides users compelling reasons to return back to your brand.

  1. Personalization

A more unique and relevant experience is gained through personalization . The more align experience the more  likely they are to continue with your app. Relevant content and tailored insights deliver real value to the user. Messaging in an easier way to to dive deeper ensuring the hyper-relevancy of push notification.

  1. Incentivization

Start implementing incentives to your users if you want to drive user engagements to your apps. Mobile rewards, specialized content, coupons, promotions and offers help you drive more engagements and conversions.

  1. Product Iteration

Minimum viable products or fully functional – apps are interative. Personalised contents and new features help engage more users. Proper monitoring of analytics, user behaviour and feedback are thye most important metrics to help you identify the user of apps.

Above all user acquisition is the most important part – converting users to long-term customers  with increased average life time value (LTV) and generate more revenue for your app.  With user enagement and retention you application can create impact in the highly competitive digital landscape.





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